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Oct 5, 2018
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conneaut ohio
Just a quick intro from Ohio.
Bought a 1997 Mark 8 1 owner with 24000 miles last Saturday.
Pewter gray,looks green sometimes.Everything works except cd changer in trunk and the blend door actuator.
Just replaced the original tires and looking forward to driving this car.
It will be in storage from 1st snow till spring thaw.
Hi and welcome to LVC, fellow Ohioan. What part are you from? I reside in the Youngstown area. Its right near the N.W. PA state line.

The members on this site are great, a lot of info. Your set from the beginning. Places to get resto parts for the Mark VIII, are Super Coupe Performance, and Temple Performance. Here is some info on blend door arm: mark viii blend door arm - Google Search

If you haven't already, look into becoming an LCOC Lincoln and Continental Owners Club member. They have a magazine every month, good deals on certain hard to find parts, national and local regional car meets and such. Best of all you get Ford X-Plan discount on any new Ford or new Lincoln whether you buy or lease. The more popular the model the more you save. Wanted to pass this info too you. We know have a LCOC member on LVC!! its great! His name is Jim Ayres, has a great collection of Lincolns too. :cool:

So you know, I'm trying to get an LVC meet up in around N.E. Ohio, near Youngstown. Maybe we can work together on this to make it a reality. It'd be great to have everyone get together, maybe in the spring or near summer. As you stated winter is on its way.
I'm in Conneaut,right up route 7 from you.Someone suggested pulling the radio to get at the blend door actuator but didn't know if that would work.I moved the gray arm by opening the glove box and pulling the arm down.Got plenty of heat so I may procrastinate fixing it.
I want to drive it a little first before starting any repairs!

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