HELP! How do I R&R front anti sway bar (not the links) 98 Mark base


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Sep 9, 2013
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Elyria Oh
So here's how it is: Bought a 1.250" front anti sway bar from Supercoupe (ADDCO) and so far it's cost me $150 and the job didn't get finished......Have it at another shop. They called .....couldn't finish it. Course they also want to get paid for their labor......So I'm asking if any of you folks have done this job and care to share your knowledge.....I don't want to take the car anywhere else so I'M IN A BIND......Bruce L. Hansen......Senior Citizen.....Alive by the grace and mercy of GOD
Okie dokie no problem......I have to make a trip but a GENTELMAN down by Cincinnati has offered to do the job. Of course there will be reumeration which I am more than happy to supply...... Bruce L. Hansen.....Senior Citizen.....Alive by the grace and mercy of GOD
If you can't or won't DIY the repairs you will continually be at the mercy of whatever shop you take it to.
No one cares about your car more than you do. To a shop your car is just another job.

It's a simple job and please replace the end links AND the sway bar mounting bushings too since all that has to be removed anyway. So order those up now. They are old and need replacing.
So I'm gonna guess that the larger sway bar wouldn't fit in the sway bar bushings, and/or the bushings are molded to the old sway bar.

Since you "up sized" the sway bar, you will probably have to get new sway bar bushings and mounts from an aftermarket supplier.

Energy Suspension makes sway bar bushing kits with polyurethane bushings.

Whether or not the mechanic shop can figure out how to measure the mount base to get the proper mounts is another story.

Have a look at this website.

I've really been remiss not updating how the R&R went......I drove down to Harrison Oh ( 20+ miles west of Cincinnati) met the gentleman I had talked to on the phone and agreed to do the work.....When he started....Now here is the surprising part.....He did ALL the work on his driveway, just jacked up the car.....He spent a few hours on the job but had absolutely no problems, none.....We had settled on a price before I left home, need to say this was the best $200 I've spent.....He did an excellent job, no complaints from me..... Now the TOTAL COST.....By the time the job was completed not counting the cost of the axels: 1st shop $150 had trouble with the fit....2nd shop $354 said it was the wrong size....($200 cost to have it completed) so for $504 I had NOTHING TO SHOW for the money I put out.....The only compensation is received was $160 in labor from the 2nd shop....Now I'm going to r&r the rear anti-sway bar....From what I understand this is a piece of cake..........Yah, sure it is, I didn't fall off the morning turnip truck!!! Bruce L. Hansen.....Senior Citizen.....Alive by the Grace and Mercy of GOD
Glad to hear you found a mechanic that knew what he was doing.

Now you can do the same to the rear with a 1" Addco sway bar... and matching urethane bushings.

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