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Jan 14, 2023
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I have been on here a few week lurking and trying to learn a few things about the characteristics of these cars. I feel like I have gotten in over my head right now. I have purchased a non-running 2004 LS. The previous owner said it was running OK a month ago, then the trans started slipping. He kept driving it and it cut off on him a couple days later and would not start. He clearly got frustrated with it and sold it for a song.
So, here I am, next victim. I think I can get her back going with some help from you guys. The car will crank and start for 1 or 2 seconds. I have a basic code reader and it is showing no codes. He said he had codes that pointed to the trans. solenoid, but they must have been erased.
I am in the process of taking the trans. pan off now, wish me luck. I will try to post a pic of these coils next...strange
...The car will crank and start for 1 or 2 seconds. ...
First step should have been...
Disconnect the MAF sensor. If the engine can then run (even if poorly) for more than several seconds, you know that you have a dirty (or otherwise bad) MAF OR a big intake air leak.
Note, that a faulty MAF can cause bad transmission shifting.
Yeah already tried that with no effect. Thanks for the knowledgeable reply
still driving my 01v6 since new, 20 years now, 238k runs great, working on a few things that quit every 100k miles. So your car starts then stops. Put your key in the ignition turn it to on (not start) and listen for the fuel pump to start pumping fuel. If its quiet you can hear it. If you don;t hear it, then check the fuse, mine was in the trunk. If blown then you need a new fuel pump. You can get at it by removing the lower back seat, you don't need the entire fuel pump housing, just purchase the pump and disassemble the housing, you may have problems with the housing plastics, epoxy works great when patching things up. another idea is to clean the carbon from the throttle body.
Thanks, is there a way to tell if a car is in failsafe mode if it won't start. Will it always show the phrase or code on ,the screen when you turn the key to acc or start?

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