Heater Core Hose Replacement Quick Connector

Lincoln Navigator / Lincoln Aviator

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    Apr 19, 2015
    Had a heater core hose break at the rubber hose to plastic quick connector joint on the engine side of the heater core on my 2001 Lincoln Navigator. Found out that none of the local auto parts carries a suitable replacement part. They offered a Dorman brand quick connector that is straight but due to the space between the firewall and the engine intake, it is too long to work.

    For those who run into the same problem, going the dealership route is pretty steep on the fix. Luckily, I found the right Dorman replacement part for $10/ea on Amazon!
    Dorman #800-416. Size is 5/8" in x 5/8" out. 90 degree angle like the OEM.

    Hope this helps someone out in the same situation.

    20170215_094043[1].jpg 20170215_094056[1].jpg

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