Greetings from the great white north.


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Aug 17, 2021
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The Great White North
Since I first saw one in '93 I've always wanted a MKVIII. I distinctly remember looking for my first car 1998/99, and seeing a 95 in Pearl white, way more than I could afford. Something about the interiors of these cars and the exterior styling always looked great to me.

Last weekend I purchased a 98 LSC, Black on Grey. Damn near everything works as it should! She's got 100,000 miles on her and shows some wear, but drives great, and sounds amazing (thank you previous owner who installed the Flowmaster Catback, and CAI)

Hoping to get her all sorted out with some help around here.

Needs..Pads/Rotors(ordered), Front suspension thunk resolved, Neon Ballast, Trunk release in driver door replaced, Cup holder repaired. General TLC, deep Clean/Polish

Been lurking long enough, time to join the conversation!



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Jul 18, 2005
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North East Ohio
Welcome to LVC! Glad you are apart of our community.

There are amazing people on this site that will go above and beyond to help you get where you need to be.

The Mark VIII is a very popular car on LVC. If you can't find it on LVC, Temple Performance, Super Coupe Performance, and Lincoln Land Inc. are other great sources to find parts for your car. is another source to find like minded dedicated people who love Lincolns'. Its $48.00 a yr. you get a monthly magazine, meet and greets, Ads, part sources, and best of all Ford X-Plan discount on any new Ford or Lincoln, you save a lot of coin. It's great, I'm a member and the knowledge you gain is priceless.

Happy cruising! :cool:


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