Gen2 Heatshield Development Thread

Why don't you just build a true CAI it works a lot better and makes the car sound better

Who is this directed to? And what do you mean by 'true CAI'? Do you mean run a pipe down to the front of the lower grille opening?
Bummer i dont really want to get a new filter but if i can be of any assistance let me know. :D
Maybe im too late but I just bought the KKM adapter from LSEMEX and will be putting it on my 06 Ls and I do need a heatshield , I will have the same set up as LSEMEX too
I can get the right communication to get this done. Mex tried to help me out but he kept modifying the heatshield to make it fit before telling me what was wrong. I don't want to develop this with modifications needed. I need this to be drop in fit like the 1st gen heatshields. One member I was working with was sent a prototype and I never heard from them again. I have worked with a few other members but I still don't have it right. I'm giving up on the gen2 heatshields. I have too much going on to devote more time and money on this right now. The geen1 heatshield are still for sale. I will be marketing the heatshield for the gen1 Insys (ebay) 2 piece steel intake after the first of the year. Thanks to Jolinc. Sorry Gen2 guys.
thats a shame man , i guess i ll try to make my own and see how that goes , i really liked your heatshield though
Just make a cardboard template and use that as a stencil on some galvanzed sheet metal. has the rubber trim. If you know how to cut and fold sheetmetal it shouldn't he too hard. I'm surprised I sold as many as I did. I only sell one or two a month lately.
Appreciate the advice , only if more people used the kkm intake you would be selling more for the Gen 2, well i ll spread the word out for your gen 1 heat shields , good luck
Not to thread jack, but is the K&N typhoon a direct bolt on or do I still need a MAF adapter?
hite i text the number that you gave me but you never got back to me. the hole was too small so i cut a bigger hole in it and messed it all up of course. i used a 5 inch hole saw instead of measuring thinking i knew what i was doing but things never work the way i plan them to work.
I probly didnt communicate it very well but I needed someone to tell me with pics or measurements what was wrong before they modified it so I knew exactly what to change. I wish I had more time to work on this but there arent enuf hours in the day.
its ok man. i f'd it up by using a 5 inch holesaw without taking measurments first. dddoooohhhh!!!! i have some people in nashville that will look at it and fab a new one.

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