Fuel leak when fueling


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May 8, 2004
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Tuxedo, NY
Went to get fuel today. While pumping, the attendant started yelling for me to stop pumping. Fuel was coming out of and landing on the ground. I got maybe 3 gallons in the tank and a pint on the ground (though it was come out quite fast after I stopped pumping).

Drove where I was going and got back home tonight (maybe 100 miles total so I now have 1/4 tank) I won't get a chance to look at it until tomorrow night. Did a quick search and didn't see any obvious posts.

Anyone else experience this? Hose or corroded fill line or tank?

Need the car next weekend for a 500 mile trip so hopefully something that does not require a LS only part. Otherwise I'll have to load up the Ranger and hope for good weather.

2000 LS V6 5MT 186,000 miles driven in lots of salt every winter going to/from VT.
that actually does sound like a new one... definitely wouldn't say its a common LS problem, I think your really going to have to take a look at the car to see where its coming from and if something is broke/damaged or just loose.
Either the fill tube rusted out or the neck on fuel tank did. It may require replacement of either/both. As a temporary fix self vulcanizing silicone tape may do the trick.
You didn't recently replace the fuel pump, did you? Might be a loose fuel filler hose bracket, if so. The vent tube may also be clogged or damaged, which you can prove out by trying to fill the tank slowly. If you lose no fuel, the vent is suspect. The vent runs alongside the fill line (on most cars, the LS probably runs the vent inside the fuel line and vents into the intake or some other stupid crap) and lets air in the tank out when fuel comes in. If it's clogged you can get fuel in until pressure builds in the tank, then it spits it out. On newer cars the tank vent goes to the charcoal canister and this can also get damaged or clogged.
... tank vent goes to the charcoal canister and this can also get damaged or clogged.

... plus 'can' throw an EVAP code. I had to swap out that canister on my 01 Jimmy 4X4 to resolve such issues, many moons ago.

Evaporative Emission Control System hose leaking.
I've never done and fuel work on the car (other than fuel filter at ~150,000) so pumps and tanks have not been touched.

Fill line is rusted through where the hose connects. Could not remove it from underneath the car. Looks like I need to remove the fuel door and inner surround but one of the fuel door bolts snapped and I will need some daylight and time to figure out a solution. Line is Ford only so I'm going junkyard route ($227 list price for a bend piece of pipe is not for me).

With the vehicle in NEUTRAL, position it on a hoist. For additional information, refer to Section 100-02 .

Remove the fuel tank filler cap and position it aside.

Remove the 3 fuel tank filler pipe mounting screws.
To install, tighten to 2 Nm (18 lb-in).

Remove the right rear inner fender well splash shield.

Remove the fuel tank filler pipe mounting bolt.
To install, tighten to 9 Nm (80 lb-in).

CAUTION: Some fuel will remain in the fuel tank filler pipe after draining the fuel tank. Carefully drain the fuel tank filler pipe into an approved container.
Disconnect the fuel tank filler pipe from the fuel tank filler pipe hose and remove from the fuel tank.

NOTE: Lubricate the fuel tank filler pipe end with clean engine oil.
To install, reverse the removal procedure.
Thanks. I was thinking removal of the fender well would help. The tank filler pipe mounting bolt bracket has rusted off.

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