front and rear bushings

Definately the worst job ive done on a car yet.

IMO, the sway bar bushings are the worst job on the LS based on what I've done so far. The only upside is it's likely the cheapest. After ~1500 miles when I did the upper control arms, I noticed the passenger rear bushing bolt was backed out. As I recall, I left it backed off a little because I just couldn't turn it further. When I started tightening it during the UCA job, it was difficult. Then, it got easy and I was worried it was stripped, Then, it suddenly hit resistance again. It took me 1500 miles to fully settle the bushing into the bracket.
Be sure to order QTY x 2 on that site, they show a picture with two of them but it you order only QTY 1, they'll only ship you one unit, you need two.

One would think it would be a set of two when they illustrate that in a pic on their site but not these guys. Silly marketing.
I need these bushings what size is it for 2002 v6 lincolns ls I believe it's not sport it don't have SST nd it does have wood trimming would the 30mm fit?

Thanks I'm going to give it a shot

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