Fabulous Fords Forever-4/17-who's in?


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Apr 9, 2004
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Windsor, Ca
On April 17(Sunday), there is a "Fabulous Fords Forever" car show at Knott's Berry Farm.

This year will be pretty cool, as last year there were quite a few Lincolns. This year commemorates the T-Bird's 50th anniversary.

I am planning to go, just not sure yet which car to take.

So, I am calling upon ALL California Lincoln owners to join me. Here is a link to the event.

Lets show these "other" Chapters what us Calif. folks can do for get togethers.

I'd love to see this thread turn into a flame job. If anyone is planning to go, and is driving down from the bay Area, I'd love to "convoy"...I plan to leave early Saturday 4/16, drive down liesurely(perhaps down the coast a ways) and stay the night, then hit the show on Sunday. I understand the show ends at around 3:00pm...I will be taking the next day off, so I might even spend the night at the park.

Hardest decision is...which car? My 94 is primed, but our 97 LSC will probably be the only one there...and that's always cool.

BTW, I will also rent my back window to anyone who wants to advertise! Send decals, and gas money though! (ok, J/K).

Joey, if you have any decals you want me to hand out, PM me, and I'll hit you with a mailing address. Oh, wait, you already have it for the R.P. oil. :headbang:
Thats great! You have to pre-register if you want your car in the show....

We are "registered"...we'll be taking the 97 LSC....got a room for Saturday and Sunday night, at the Radisson, "on site"...looking VERY forward to this.

C'mon gang...there has to be some more of you from the area that can come on down...its at the theme park... bring the wife and kids... send them off to the park with your cash, and spend the day doing what they do on KING OF THE HILL... bench-race, and jaw-jack about cars all day long.

anyway.,..hope to see more of you, and meet you all in person.
I'm going as well. Not in the LS though; in the Vic. It's a black '99 with Wyo plates. If you guys see me come say hello.
BTW we will have the 5 speed mark there, so any one who wants to see it in person can. Might bring the cobra too.

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