F/S Lincoln Mark VIII Differential 4.30 gears $200


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Jan 7, 2010
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Grain Valley, MO
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I have for sale a Mark VIII differential, third member, pumpkin what ever you would like to call it. It has 4.30 gears and no issues whatsoever. Diff was completely dry, on the outside, when I pulled it out of my cross-gen car yesterday. It is not a trac loc, limited slip etc. I pulled the back cover off to drain gear oil and look at the gears. I will take some pics tomorrow at work and post tom. night. I would like to get $200 plus whatever shipping is. Thanks.
Bump. I will be going to Rochester, Mn. next week. If anyone up north or along I-35 is interested in this differential or the Octastars, I would deliver them on the way.
Eric, I certainly would have lunch with you. Love to meet members any chance I have. My wife is really sick. She is supposed to have surgery at the Mayo Clinic, but we found out today that they have put the surgery off for about 2 weeks. So we will still be coming up to MN. just don't know exactly when yet. Here's some pics of the diff.

ebay parts 134a.jpg

ebay parts 135a.jpg

ebay parts 136a.jpg
Just an FYI guys if you pay attention much here. This setup here is $200 and Jeremi has a trac-lok for sale for $200 here also in the classifieds. If there is anyone on a budget or even a borderline cheapskate, this would be a hell of a deal for $400 if you nabbed both!!

On a sidenote, my best wishes to you and your wife charger. I hope all goes well.
Hope the things with the wife goes well. I'm sure a few of us could car pool and meet up for dinner. Rochester is only 50 miles from me so no big deal there.
I would like to meet up as well. I hope it goes well for your wife.:) Im in Andover, but Rochester isn't that far to meet up with some mark VIII people. keep us informed. Mark
Alright Minnesota guys, finally found out today that my wife's surgery will be next Tues. morning. We will be in Rochester Monday night around 7:00 or 7:30. If everything goes well, we hope to leave Wed. afternoon or evening. I will drop the price on the differential to $150 if anyone wants it. I can also bring the octastar wheels if anybody's interested. Price is still $300 on them. I might possibly bring the 98 trans for $200 as we most likely will drive the Navigator up. You never know about that Minnesnowda weather. Somebody needs to buy this stuff.
I need money so I can buy those wheels, :D.

If you want to get dinner tuesday night, I can be avalable. I cant bring the mark but hopefully my town car will be running tonight.
Eric, and anyone else for that matter, I should be able to do dinner Tues. night. As long as my wife's surgery goes well, it shouldn't be a problem. I'll pm you my cell #.
My 12 hour shifts kill any week day free time.
Mayo Clinic is the best place to have anything done.

Good luck to your wife, she is in good hands.
That's exactly why we're going there, because we trust them. Most of the doctor's around here are a joke. She has a very rare disease that most haven't even heard of.
That's exactly why we're going there, because we trust them. Most of the doctor's around here are a joke. She has a very rare disease that most haven't even heard of.

My mother in law was there to have a tumor removed.
Awesome clinic blew it me away.
The horse doctors in northern MN were clueless.

Hope things went well.

These gears are the way to go if staying N/A auto.
I have other plans or I would buy them.
just bumping this because i didnt want to make a new thread, would there be any problems running this untuned besides top speed and the speedometer being off?

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