Door ajar latch

I'm on my phone and it's a pain to cut and paste. I'm parting out my '03 and I'd sell you them for $80 shipped each. But, I've had this problem on previous fords and could usually get them working again after a liberal spraying with screw loose.
With the fact that I can't find them I will buy yours to be safe and if I can get the old one working once I remove it then I will just have a spare

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Ok so I tried to install this thing today the one you sent me of the 03 is a little different than the 06 ford [emoji57][emoji57]. I also realized the handle is has rivets I don't have the tool. I then came up with the idea to take yours apart and use just the back part of it only to realize the little part your was talking about was on the other side. I then realize this little part should just be pulled back (what was told from you dude all along) so I pulled it back put the door back together there and now after going a few months with this thing killing my battery and spend the $80 for nothing it's working fine smh I so love my Lincoln she puts me there hell all the time

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So yeah I'm back at square one [emoji35][emoji35][emoji35][emoji35]

I posted this video because I think I might a bigger issue than just that little tab needed to be pulled out

As you can see in the video the door ajar does not just come on and stay it flips back on and off over and over again I can hit the alarm and be in the house when out of no where the alarm starts to sound off out side

What do you guys think I'm running out of options and I'm sure the dealer will have no idea after charging a arm and a leg

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So, your worst case solution would be to just disable the door ajar for that door. It means that the lights wouldn't come on when that door was opened, and the alarm wouldn't sound for that door either. That said, it would prevent the random alarms and the battery drain.

To disable, connect a jumper wire between the black wire at pin 6 of the latch and the black wire /w orange stripe at pin 8.

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