Delrin Bushings lower control arm and knuckle

Yes a lift of some kind would be really nice. My younger brother has a nice pole barn with a two post lift which helps out a lot.
It'd be so awesome to have access to a two post, quick jack makes a few different sizes the one I was looking at is the bl-5000slx, its 1500 bucks but I figured it'll pay for itself in usage, I'm just worried someone in my apartment complex is gonna snitch.
You right on that, being in an apartment complex someone will snitch on you, I'm sure. As far as the quick jack, looks nice, can handle the weight okay, but like pulling transmissions and things you only have two ways in or out, from the front or the back and then having a place close by to store it.
I'd store the tranny in the spare bedroom I've got a little workbench set up in there already lol. But yea pulling the trans would be a pain with this jack but better than not being able to do it at all. Plus I'll finally be able to do stuff like one piece driveshaft and exhaust work.
O yea don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind having one myself. I changed out my clutch, pressure plate, drive shaft and rear-end gears, bearings, seals, all that stuff right in the front of my house, just using blocks and everything I could find to get the car up high enough, it was a pane in the ...

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