Cooper Lifeliner Touring SLE V rated


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Oct 20, 2004
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Long Island
I just put these tires on my 01 LS Sport. Stock size. I was wondering if anyone else has tried them. Are they good in the snow? Long lasting? Thanks in advance for any replies.

I've got 'em. They were on the car when I got it, 235 50 R17's. It's a good touring tire, I've never had any problems with them. What is this "snow" you speak of? We get rain once in a while and they do a good job under normal dirving conditions but leave a little to be desired with "spirited" driving when it's wet. Treadwear is very good; I've put about 10k miles on them in the last 2 years but they look almost new still. I like them but I like Cooper tires. I've got Coopers on all three of my cars. They are a great tire for the price, a really good value.
Thanks guys. I feel a little better about my purchase now. I never tried these before and never heard fo them until I went to the tire store. Thanks!

they were on my ls until i recently replaced tem with the bfg's in sig. i was happy with them.
Yep have the cooper tires and i think they are very worth the price. The tread wear is great i have around 30,000 miles on these ones and still mile left. Handles great in rain.. Snow... uhmm. well i don't really drive it that much in the winter time but one time was at the store and the whole parking lot was iced up so well it didn't do too awfully great. Spun a few 360's and had some but after scaring the heck out of my girlfriend decided to go ahead and let off the gas and head out of the But ya great tires. recommend to anyone looking for a reasonable priced tire with performance and long wear life..

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