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May 5, 2013
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London, Ontario
Hey guys I'm getting the code PO308. I've looked it up and says its my 8 cylinder plug. Car is studdering as I drive. I have a new plug, is this a difficult fix? How do I go about replacing?
It's probably just the coil.

Iirc 8 is located on the drivers side all the way in back. You have to remove a bracket by the pcv and then 2 bolts holding the cop cover on. Unplug #8 coil and pull it out.

If you replace the plug..

At that point you'll have access to the plug. Remove the plug when the motor is stone cold, you do that so that it'll be less likely to strip.

Insert new plug carefully, remember that it only has about 4 full threads to catch. Most choose to put them in dry (w/o antiseize). From there just lightly coat the inside of the new cop boot with die-electric grease and slip it on.
on my 97 #6 missing.Changed cop,problem gone. 2 weeks later #2 missing. Change cop and no difference. Changed the plug, that looked like new and problem was fixed. I'd change the plug and try it first. Could save you some $$$$ First chance I'll change all the plugs.
You really should replace both at once. It's good practice, and a bad cop can kill a plug, and vice versa.
Just sharing my cheap coil experience: I've had the house brand from Summit Racing for the past 6 months. You can't beat the price at $180 for the set of 8.

Look for part number SUM-850594 for the set of 8. It should be the exact same ones for the Mark. I installed the trusty NGK 3951 (aka TR55) copper plugs at the same time.

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