Coil #3, Outer Tie Rod, Upper ball joint. Which should I fix first?


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Feb 25, 2013
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Coil #3 needs to be replaced, and the driver side outer tie rod and upper ball joint needs to be replaced. Which should I fix first?:confused:
I've had both tie rods replaced since buying my car. I'd go with tierods and balljoints first. i'd rather have control of my car while having a bad coil, than to lose control of the car while having a good coil. How bad is your ball joint?
unless they're squeaking and make popping sounds, i wouldn't worry too much. i've had my upper passenger side boot torn off exposing the bare joint. i drove probably 2k miles with it and never had a problem. I just replaced it a month ago.
You don't just need to replace #3 coil, you also must replace the #3 spark plug. If #3 is bad enough to know that it is bad, probably some of the other coils are starting to fail too. You really need to replace all the coils and all the spark plugs. The three biggest problems with driving with bad coils are:
1. You catalytic converters will be damaged and have to be replaced if you go long enough with bad coils.
2. Bad gas mileage.
3. Loss of power.
I waited too long to fix my tie rod and upper ball joint, and I almost killed me and my brother. The whole wheel and arm disconnected....luckily I didn't get onto the highway yet. I'm going to post pictures now.
Figured as much.

Can't understand for the life of me why people think steering components are not all that important.
So I took it to the shop Yesterday and they quoted me $450 for the tire rod and ball joint and 100 for the coil. Wish I could do the repairs myself. What website would you recommend for me to buy the payrts myself?

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