Climate Control Problem - Hot & Cold at same time

Joe O

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Dec 31, 2005
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Having a similar problem as I had with my Lincoln LS. Heat on driver's side with cold air on passenger's side. Is dual climate control valve a problem on Caddys? If so, where is the control located and how difficult will it be to replace?


Joe O.
actually the heat ac blender control module would be my guess... usually located to the left and right of the radio under the plastic kick panel above your feet.. if you understand that Lol... take the plastic down.. turn on the car and stick your head under the dash while turning the temp control from cold to hot... with the blower on high.... you should see a black squareish kinda box with a small arm moving up and down... should hear it too... probably one of them is stuck..... you can either remove the box and manually put the arm in one place... or help it along until you get the arm in the right position. .. then unplug it... now in the summer you'll want to move it the otherway instead.. cheap easy way to fix.. or buy new square box module... let me know hoq that works out for you ...

The manual mode doean't work on lincolns though. .. at least the newer town cars because the system always flips back when the car is shut if... but its basically same part.. you'll just have to buy a new module and replace the bad one.. look for part on ebay after you remove it.......

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