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By chance, Max, the parts guru for Mark VIII's all over the country, is actually located at 5 Star Ford right here in Scottsdale -- down on Motor Mile on McDowell Road and 70th Street. Any part you order from Max can ALSO be installed by the techs in the 5 Star Ford shop -- from exotic upgrades to common repairs. If it's a crucial part like an alternator that needs immediate replacement in order to drive the car, Max has lots of stuff in stock. If he doesn't and you need it ASAP, he'll try other local stockers and dealers to get you what you need as fast as possible at the best possible price -- so you don't hafta wait while a do-it-yourself mechanic goes round and round looking for parts and ends up with the wrong one and leaves your Mark disassembled for a coupla days.

On the other hand, though labor at a dealership tends to be more expensive than an independent mechanic, at least I have NO doubt that 5 Star is totally competent with all the Ford-factory parts/manuals/TSB's/and experience to fix my Mark right the FIRST time.

So between rock-bottom prices for parts and quality labor all in one stop, that's where I go!

PS: 5 Star Ford has a courtesy shuttle, but it only has a radius of 10 miles one-way. What's going on all the way out there in Surprise?!?
What he said... I have had great service at 5 Star Ford, and their prices are very fair. I have had both of my Lincolns serviced and worked on there, great people.

02 LS Sport V8
97 Mark VIII
A whole lotta growth and developement. I haven't seen much by way of lincolns at the local track. However there have been many great looking Fords! Hopefully an industrial park will open and get some fresh meat in mechanics and performance shops. It is pretty much a day trip to quality shop.
There is a performance truck shop in Surprise that is putting out some really nice rides, 4By and slammed.
The local exhaust shop is priced mmm. . . OK for Phoenician prices. Juve` did some good work on my '89 T-Bird S/C. Young fella, needs to spend some more time with his equipment for the "trick" jobs.

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