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Mar 31, 2004
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Ah yes, the Scion. Perhaps the most stupid, ugly, retarded automobile I have EVER seen. The slogan for this one (the xB) is "it's all about attitude". Attitude? I wasn't aware a box could have attitude.


The origional ugly box, 2 years before the Scion the element was already making people puke.


The Toyota matrix. My first question is about the name.... Matrix. Why do you name a car something soooo stupid. Almost as stupid as naming it a number that makes no sense like many BMW models. Perhaps they named it because of the stupid matrix movie and were trying to appeal to the complete dumbasses who tried to find an inner meaning in the Matrix movies.


I may piss someone off with this but I don't really care. I had been losing faith in GM for years and this just did it. It sounds like a great idea to stop producing the Eldorado and Fleetwood and make a $50,000 pickup that nobody will buy. (note my sarcasm)


There is nothin more satisfying than seeing a totally useless car brand with a terrible lineup stop making cars.



Unleashed... commanding- Oh yeah that exactly what these cars are not. Oldmobiles demise brings me to another useless car brand. Pontiac. The people who are currently bringing you the stunning down-sydrome looking aztec. They also bring you the newest version of the bonneville. Its a shame that a car sooo ugly and stupid carries the same name of what used to be a nice car.
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I forgot a couple.


The new mini. Yes it sounds like a great idea to buy a light, tiny, and unsafe car shaped like a turd with a british flag on top when most people are buying 5500lb SUV's and drive them like morons.



Ah yes, the PT cruiser. Its retro...(?) who knows how. But thats what the people at chrysler are telling us (oh wait its diamler-chrysler now cuz they sucked so bad they were bought by a foriegn company). The only thing that pisses me off more than a PT cruiser is the new convertable model.
Okay, I agree with all of those except Oldsmobile, Oldsmobile is a tecnological epitome in automotive history, lets not forget that Old man Olds created the assemblty line Ford bought the idea, with his agreement I have a DVD from the Chicago autoshow with proof of this. Also Olds has had many nice cars, the Toronado, the Cutlass442, Cutlass Supreme, Olds 98,...etc. It upsets me very much that GM can just dump an automotive brand that desrve's more credit then most think like it's nothing, :mad: Oldsmobile, Buick, Cadillac, and yes Pontiac are the real Heart and soul for GM at this moment in time. Chevy, C';mon please the new Malibu Gross!! the only thing I would buy from Chevy right now that's wort while is the Corvette, (which the redesign looks effortless, but still good) and the Monte Carlo, A Chevy truck? no way, Buy a GMC, same thing cost a couple $K more and has more options. (no offense to chevy fans) I love Chev's but right now they have lost there touch, The Impala, An oversized Camry. Saab is dead in the water, Izusu should have been dropped and not Olds. Oldsmobile was the direct competitor for Mercury, What do they have to compete against Mercury now? Not Buick, there goin' after Lincoln, Cadillac is after BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes, They have no Near Luxury segment anymore. Bad buisness move Now Mercury and Chrysler rule the segment. There's my two sense for ya. ;) Hope didn't offend anyone.

P.S. Scion is useless :I
have you guys seen the new MINI convertible :eek: that thing has been beat with the ugly stick one too many times.
LOLOLOL, i love this page. Guys a buddy of mine wanted to buy a MINI. It works in the UK, but people have bigger cars here and that thing is a death trap. He was like "yeah say my mini is gay when i blow you out cause my mini is fast" dude i dont care cause im going to go cruisin the other way with a carload of girls that you cannot fit in your mini. (Believe it or not the chicks like the lincoln better than the sports cars)

I had the chance to drive a Honda element the other day. LOL. Ive also rode in something like that in grade school. But then it was not cool and was called the school bus. Granted its nice for old people to ride their amigos into and drive, but come on. What is that. I got made fun of for riding the bus and this comes out.

Jashley, you dont like the lanchalde, or the escalanche. LOLOL. Buddy i gotta dig up car and drivers first report on the EXT you will LOVE it. Its just constantly making fun of it. its entitled "caddys big and tall" Excellent article. I love C&D boy. Japans interpretation of what americans want the matrix. LOL, it makes you wonder what the japaneese think of my generation. That we are completely stupid. Buddy, japaneese executives drive american cars when they move up in the ranks. You thnk im gonna nix my TC because of an extra dollar in gas to get that thing. Please, im sure the japaneese CEO of toyota has a devile and a towncar in his driveway.

Rant on fellas :Beer

Big Joe
I forgot to mention something, I think you guy's forgot a few other ugly cars,

Toyota Echo
Saturn Ion
Saturn Vue
Kia Amanti (wants to be a Jaguar ;)
All Hyundai's :D

:I The big cheeses of the Japanese car market all own Town Cars
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I looked at a Bonneville GXP the other day, and I absolutely LOVED it. If I was looking to buy a new car, that would be way at the top of the list.

I also hate it that Oldsmobile went away. :)
Well as an automotive engineer, I can add some opinions.

As far as the Element goes, it may be a tad ugly, but it is one of the most intelligently designed cars I have had the pleasure of driving/inspecting. While it does look like a small box, the room inside is HUGE. I kid you not.. a 6+ footer could wear a tophat and STILL have room. The backseat have more legroom than any car on the market...perhaps a limo has more room. The seat fold down to make a bed, then the seat seperate and fold sideways onto the walls to make a completely flat floor that easily holds an air matress for camping out in. You can hose off the interior floor if it gets muddy. Suprisingly, it handles VERY very well for a box. Windnoise is pretty subdued. Believe it or not, this is quite the highway cruiser. Great, great all around vehicle. The domestic carmakers only wish they had the moxie, skill, and engineering to build a car like this.

The Scion is much the same as the Element. Tons of useful space in a small package. While I have not driven the car, I have inspected it closely. It would be a great all around daily driver. Jack of all trades of sorts. But here's where Scion hits the homerun (and again, leaves the domestics wishing they could compete). The car can be configured with LOTS and LOTS of aftermarket goodies directly from Toyota. (errr..Scion). Rims, ground effects, intakes, a supercharger, you name it. Great idea. And at the Autoshow, Scion hits another homerun. They had KIDS..teenagers or early twenty-somethings doing the pitches for the cars at the Autoshow. And they weren't wearing suits either. Baggy jeans, ball caps, long t-shirts, etc..This is the 1st time I recall of ANY manufacturer at the Autoshow having the target demographic pitching the cars. Fantastic. How many times have you inquired about a car, and the guy at the autoshow is just some dumb suit (almost like a normal car salesman) unable to answer your questions? ALL THE TIME!! These kids knew their stuff, and answered all my questions. Well done Scion!!

Oh..I also think the Cadillac CTS is ugly. And a miserable car..I drove one. Terrible.

I generally try to refrain from commenting on cars I haven't driven. Looks can be deceiving. The new Town Car and Caddy's look not bad (not nearly as bad as the old brick Town Cars of the early 90's.) but thise OK looks don't match with the hoorid interiors. You have no sense of luxury when in either of those cars. Terrible.
Yes indeed I hate the EXT, or "Escalanche" as you call it. The only thing that is stupider is the Lincoln Blackwood from a few years past.

I have to agree Oldsmobile was a company with a rich history and great cars back in the day. But for the last several years everything that came out with an olds badge on it was a discrace to the name. The company is better off dead than having things like the Alero display its name on it.
Yeah I did forget 2 other cars that I hate. The Saturn Ion and Vue.



This car never did really piss me off until I noticed that the instrumentation is in the wrong place. Are they trying to look smart and make some kinda statement by putting the speedometer in the wrong place or are they just stupid?


Just another ugly SUV thrown together during the SUV craze to grab buyers. Some people will buy anything.

The VUE wins the 2004 ugliest domestic SUV award.
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Does anyone else think that the Ion kinda looks like it was designed buy playschool, or little tikes? I think it does. :D
J Ashley said:
Almost as stupid as naming it a number that makes no sense like many BMW models.

The BMW numbers do mean something though and I dont think that they should be dragged into this, because they are great automobiles (I own one!!). The last two digits in the three digit number is the size of the engine. ie - 328 is a 3 series with a 2.8l engine, 528 is a 5 series with a 2.8l engine and so on.

But otherwise I have to agree with you, more or less. That boneville is a pretty nice car though, especially since they are putting the northstar engine in there.
Ive heard once those northstars age part warranty, you can barely pay someone to work on them. "do you have the northstar"? "yes" "oh umm, let me get the special book"

jashley, my buddy bought an ion LOLOLOLOLOL what a sucker. 10g for that thing. LOLOLOLOL What a joke. My gf paid the same price for a loaded sebring convertible. Dude you would love to be here the day he brought it over to show me. Im not gonna start trashing it, i think you guys know the drill. And this guy ridicules me for buying an oldschool towncar. LOLOL consider the source i guess.

Big Joe
The BMW numbers do mean something though and I dont think that they should be dragged into this, because they are great automobiles (I own one!!). The last two digits in the three digit number is the size of the engine. ie - 328 is a 3 series with a 2.8l engine, 528 is a 5 series with a 2.8l engine and so on.
Ahh. Thank you for that info. I don't dislike BMW's BTW.
T is a 3 series with a 2.8l engine, 528 is a 5 series with a 2.8l engine and so on..
This is true most of the time(in newer models especially)but there are quite a few exceptions.

Examples. 540i has a 4.4 liter engine in it hence should be 544
740i has 4.4 liter engine and should be a 744
and 750 has a 5.4 liter V12 and should be named 754
same goes for 840 and 850 and 860 where the 860 has a 5.6 Liter V 12 and should be named 856.
You guys forgot about the American Revolution !!!! lol!!
I can't believe it came to this ... The Chevy Aveo is a @$@%@% DAEWOO!!!!! That has gotta be worse than the Metro.


I don't know max the Metro was pretty bad, What about the Chevy Avalanche, There's more plastic on that thing then Carter's got liver pills. It's putrid, looks like a cheap Escalade EXT. When I mentioned the Kia Amanti, I have to say the Kia lineup is ugly. ;)
I guess I did forget the "American Revolution" maxmk8, I don't know how- I see the comercials every 5 seconds!


Ah yes the Malibu. Or should I say Malibu MAXX. This thing is just stupid... ugly too. And who is going to pay the MSRP base price of 22k for it? It has rear sliding seats..... who knows why.


The SSR. Makes me so mad I can't even b*tch about it.


The new Chevy Equinox. Is it just me or is the "revolution" making SUV's look more like transgendered mini vans?


Someone on this design team has got to have some issues with plastic. Looks like someone streached a Silerado and dipped the bottom half in a plastic mold then someone decided put some EXTREAMLY ugly trim on the truck bed.

Chevrolet is a current finalist for the 2004 worst domestic lineup award.
Revoh said:
You're pretty much a Ford person, aren't you? ;)

Not really, they just don't have anything that pisses me off as much. My favorite car company is Mercedes Benz. I'll give you a list of my favorite NEW cars.


Lincoln Towncar


Cadillac Deville


Mercedes Benz S-Class


Audi A8


BMW 7-series


Jaguar XJ8, vandan plas, XJR


The new 300
JAshley, You definitely have some taste buddy. You picked a lot of my favorites also. And also they are in my favorite price bracket post-college. LOL
Pepsi2185 said:
JAshley, You definitely have some taste buddy. You picked a lot of my favorites also. And also they are in my favorite price bracket post-college. LOL

Thus being why I about to begin attending college this fall, lol. ;)
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