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Jan 30, 2013
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So it's been raining quite a lot lately and it's insanely random. I've been using my bike as my daily driver as the roads around here are a bit rough so the LS sits most of the time. I was wondering if anyone knew any good car cover suggestions?

I hate going to the store, seeing a car is a "fit" and it turns out to be absolutely not true. I'm really only interested in keeping the rain off and something that will actually fit.

A garage. Sorry for the "*******esque" response but I've heard and noticed that putting on a car cover does more damage than good. If not covered and you're worried about waterspots, a Quik Detail should take care of that which is essentially a spray wax.
I would only put windowshades up.. Other than that, you're better off just leaving it alone. Car covers are more of an indoor additional protection barrier and are not good for outdoor use.
Here's my two cent. Before I bought my house I didn't have a garage so I was in the same boat as you. But being in the military and being gone for months I would leave my car in good hands with a friend but it still sat outside. One year I bought a car cover from the Lincoln dealership that is actually made for the car and had Lincoln on the front of it near the edge of the hood. During the times when I lived without an garage and if I didn't drive it for a while, I kept the cover on it. It did it's job to be honest. I think car covers are intended for long storage conditions rather than to be put on and taken off everyday. That can wear out real fast and you really run the risk of potentially scratching your paint.
Thanks for all the responses. I forgot to mention I have a leak that I have been neglecting to fix.. So that is the main reason for getting the water off.

I'm gonna take a look for that OEM Lincoln cover.

Thanks for all the tips.

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