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Sep 19, 2006
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We (my family and I) were just just checking the Ford Dealership in Stoneycreek, and we found a really nice black Navigator sitting outside. My family thinks it looks alright, but for some reason they like the one we have right now (2003 ultimate 4X4), is it worth spending money on the truck, or should we just not buy it? It looks really nice, like a rap SUV. It is black, with really nice interior, dno the colour though. It is sittin on 20 inch stock lincoln rims. The 03-06 kinda looks better than it though. Well I just want to ask around is it worth buying? Price seems reasonable.
I've seen and been in the new '07s, have'nt driven one though. I think they are an exterior styling disaster, and the interior dash was done by somebody on drugs...
enskanker said:
I've seen and been in the new '07s, have'nt driven one though. I think they are an exterior styling disaster, and the interior dash was done by somebody on drugs...
I agree, it looks like they were trying to square up the front end like a caddy
I recently drove the 07 Navigator. It drives like the 05 that I have. No new Horsepower to brag about but it is quiet inside. They used more sound deading material in the 07 Navi and the windshield is made out of some sound proof stuff. I did not like the gauges...i couldn't see how fast I was going half the time. It has white gauges with white needles. Very hard to read. I like the red needles on my 05 navi. The rear seat entertainment package was cooler. 8in screen and slimmer so it doesn't get in the way of the rearview mirror when the screen is folded up. The middle seats fold down one more click to allow more loading height for tall objects. However I am not a fan of the 07 look. The 07 when driving toward it on the road does not stand out. I pass one on my way to work each day and everytime I can't tell if it's a Q45 or a Nissan Pathfinder Armada..but then right when I get on it you can tell its the new navi. I am a fan of the chrome Waterfall Grill on my Navi. It caught my eye before I bought the SUV in 05 and it still does. I believe that Lincoln really should have stepped up on the upgrades. Such as Bluetooth integration in the stereo would be nice. Also maybe a factory back up camera would be nice too. I believe Lincoln rushed to get something new out with out having the R&D to compete with the new features and Horsepower of the competitors. Oh well it may evolve into something good. Let's just hope that or someone makes a grill for this Navi worth looking at! In the mean time I'm happy with my 05 Navi Ulitimate with the Limited Package and the one good think on the 07, the 20" rims. Keep in mind the tire pressure sensors in the 07 20" wheels aren't compatible with the older navi tire pressure systems.
navigatorboyz were do you live ? I live in milton ontario 30 mins north of stoney creek.
I have driven and been in every year navi produced. The 03-06 is by far the best of the designs. The 07, well, I like what car and driver said, the grill looks like a street drain that was chromed. Its not up to lincoln standards IMO. If Lincoln wanted to give the market to GM, they should have just quit producing the navi. I am no caddy fan, but the new Escalade is 10x better than the previous escalade, and is better now than the Navi. Lincoln is going to have to add another 100HP to the 5.4 if they want to remain competitive in the marketplace, and needs to distance themselves from Ford and Mercury

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