Blue Flame brings it home again!


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Mar 21, 2004
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West Virginia
This past weekend I attended the annual SuperCoupe Shootout in Xenia, OH for a weekend of my favorite activities which of course included a day of drag racing!

I entered the '93 in the brackets race while the SuperCoupes fought it out in their index classes. There were a couple other Lincolns in attendance. One was a '94 that ran in the brackets and another was a N/A Gen2 with a forged motor running low 13s in one of the modded index classes!

The weather was less than optimum and threatened rain all day but only produced humidity and gloomy skies with a chilly headwind.

The Blue Flame seemed to not run quite as well as expected but proved consistent enough to feel confident with a 13.65 dial as the eliminations began. After breaking out in the 1st round, we lowered the dial to a 13.6 and rode it to the finals against a Chrysler 300C that was literally the only non-Ford at the event.

The final round was somewhat exciting. When the tree came down, I launched the car hard and found myself fighting for traction as it was literally fish tailing away from the tree. It no sooner seemed to regain traction when the 1-2 shift hit hard and the rear broke loose again as I worked to maintain control. Then again on the 2-3 shift it broke loose and wiggled it's way down the far end of the track as I chased the Chrysler to the stripes. I didn't think I had made it when all of the sudden I noticed the win light in my lane!

I nursed the brakes and rode the track all the way to the end and gently turned onto the return road knowing something was not right with the car. After picking up the timeslip showing I was victorious since the Chrysler had broken out, I immediately headed to the pits to examine what the problem was. As I exited the car I didn't have to look far as the drivers side drag tire was nearly flat! :eek:

Apparently, I had spun the wheel and tube combination as air was leaking around the twisted valve stem. I guess those 1.79-1.82 sixty foot times were a bit hard on the rear tires. :D

But I overcame adversity and picked up the second bracket win of the 2010 season! :)

congratz man, do you have a parts list posted somewhere for you car? im really interested to see what you have done!
Great job driller!

When I was reading your story I didn't think you would win the last round.
But its a game of mistakes.
How bad did he break out?

You got to love it!
Thanks guys, it was a good time. :)

How bad did he break out?

With all the loss of traction, I ran a 13.84 on a 13.60 dial and the 300C ran a 14.27 with a 14.30 dial

must be getting a little bite good job JP

Yeah I am happy pulling 1.7x sixty foots. I'm thinking I have a bit too much tire though. I'm going to go back to the 26" tires to replace these 27s.

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