Blowing black smoke out of my new 2017 MKZ


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May 8, 2011
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St. Pete
So, my friend noticed that I was blowing some serious black smoke out of my new '17 MKZ twin-turbo 3.0. I only have 3000 miles on it. So, I took it into the dealer.

They still have it but when I went back to get a loaner vehicle, they told me they have their best mechanic on it and he is stumped a little, which is why he needed the car longer.

The car had only one half the amount of oil it was supposed to have.

What do you think could be happening to such a new vehicle?
Two valves busted

That's no good! I would think a turbo may have a bad seal!

The dealer had told me that two valves are busted. He was working with Ford to see about repair or a new engine. I wrote a letter to the general manager of the dealer saying I wanted a new car.

We will see...

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