Blend Door Actuator Tip

Jim Knight

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Aug 18, 2017
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North Haven, CT
Welcome to the thrills, pains and arrows of outrageous blend door actuator replacement! And here's a tip: If your actuator went out, the climate control diagnostics will display 025. CLEAR THE ERROR CODES BY PRESSING THE DEFROST BUTTON BEFORE INSTALLING THE NEW ONE!

After reinforcing the new actuator, and slotting the metal arm so it has greater distance to move (the real reason these things break, and now on my car it will never break again) it worked two times then stopped. It did the same with two other brand new actuators, driving us mad trying to figure out why -- because the error codes were never cleared from the module's memory, and the electronic safeguard default told the system to stop the actuator.

Just a nice little fun fact to know and tell . . .



Mine is busted but a little zip tie magic keeps it working. I have no intention of fixing it judging from the pain it looks to change. If anyone is located near southeastern Pennsylvania who knows how to do it I'll pay!
I drove to Bruce, dbl88, in NH. I think mine was his 161st replace. For advice, parts, or repair, he has no peer. And he let me watch, and even help a little. But would I try to do it again on my own ......??? Nahhhhh

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