bad week for me. =/


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Apr 12, 2006
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Well, Wednesday morning my wife was headed for training for her new job and someone (admittingly) not paying attention hot her and totaled out our little Camry at 8:30 am
By this time I've spent 20 minutes flushing my colon put at work in the bathroom, then started throwing up several times...long story short I was stranded at work (only drivable car was just totaled) My lower right side was hitting bad so my aunt from 45 minutes away came to get me, brought me home, and about 5 I headed for the er.

After waiting for 6 hours the doctor decided to take my appendix out.
He said if he knew is was as bad as it was he would've taken it out as soon as I walked in, that it was real close to rupturing.

So, I've missed 3 1/2 days of work, wife missed 3, our car is totaled, wife's neck and back hurt (she's going to doc soon), I'm still in pain, rental runs out Wednesday, gotta get Lincoln out of my pops name and in mine, put insurance in it and drive, all while bills keep coming in.

So im reaching out to my lvc community community a asking for prayers. I know not everyone out there is religious, and you don't have to be, but please send a prayer up for the Gibbs family.

Thanks everyone, its highly appreciated.
I'll keep you and your family in my prayers; I'm glad your appendix didn't rupture; things will get better
I will be hoping the best for you. Man you got the triple whammy. One day at a time. One good thing it didn't burst! That's a mess.
dude ur ok bro im in worst shape than u ive been home already for a month but i was in the hospital for 21 days. i had a diverticulis that errupted and caused peritonitis they took out my appendix, they cut off a portion of my colon too, now i have a colostomy meaning a **** bag on my stomach and i have an open wound vac on my stomach that a nurse has to come and clean three times a week and the pain is horrible i have to drink two percocets for the pain so what ive gone thru is a nightmare. you always have to look behind u and theres always somebody worst of than u. and im still standing and im living. in two months they take off the **** bag and connect my rectum back so ill be able to live life again. if u feel down u can always call me dude u have my number.
Thanks guys.

And no sir, I don't have one yet. I need to try again though. My computer is also broken...the screen won't light up but I can hear the sound effects of it coming on. So i just use my phone for everything. I need to get it up and running though, both PayPal and computer.

Dude, that sounds terrible. What really sucks is such a big load just dropped on me like this.
Gotta keep my chin up about it, it'll work out for good.

Thanks again guys
My familys prayers for you and the missus.That was close but it didn't kill you so it just made you tougher.
Wow, sorry to hear about all of this. Both of you's get better soon.
You are in our prayers dude. Pay close attention to Marvin's words. That man just went through hell and he's still not back. Isiah, these are the things we go through in life that make us become different.

Remember when you were in High School & your friends wrote on the year book; "Don't change 4 no 1!" Yeah, life throws some harsh curves at us. Life makes us all change man! Be thankful that your better half is ok. Camry? It's just material. Seems like you faired well with your operation too. Things could've been way worst. It's not how hard you got hit... It's how hard you bounce back!!!
Glad you and your wife are ok. As Alex said keep your head up and keep going. I'll keep your family in my prayers.
Things will get better. They always do. You are in my prayers as well. Bad week for me also. My wife is in the hospital since Saturday. They drained 3 gallons of fluid from her abdomen due to her failing liver. Shes only 40! Hopefully she will be home tomorrow.
Wow Rich, sorry to hear that. I hope your wife is on the transplant list. My wife has had 4 major surgeries this year alone, and she's only 39. This year is starting to wear on me.
She was diagnosed in 07 with autoimmune hepatitis. It's like lupus but her body is killing her liver. Between this problem, my Son with his head in his @ss, changes at my job, amd my fried up beloved Mark, I cant wait for 2014!!
Rich i cant wait till 2014 either bro. sorry about your wife ill be praying for her. Isiah hang in there buddy everything is going to be ok.
Dang, seems like we all always need some prayer.

Thanks guys, I cant tell you enough how thankful I am for that.
Ill keep prayers our for yall.

Good news finally! Got paid for the little Camry, plus medical (which was unexpected) but because of my wife's last name changed she's not on her parents insurance anymore so we would have to pay for her visit. THANKFULLY, we get to keep the medical pay and his insurance is paying for her visit.

Now we are steady looking for a car.

Thanks again guys. It seems like in life there are 3 kinds of people, those in a storm, those coming out, or those about to go in.

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