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Mar 22, 2006
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anybody wanna have an lvc meet in az? marks, ls', cadillacs all welcome to chime in
cool ... an LS guy inviting Mark VIIIs thanks .. we are trying to get on for next Dec. in Vegas. You do have a good group of LvC members in the AZ area ... Good Luck ...

Here's the way to get this off the ground ...

1. Like you are doing see if there is an interest.
2. One person take control to get the first one off and running.
3. Take a poll to see when would be a good time.
4. Pick a date and place to meet
5. Set the date (bad news) you won't be able to make everyone happy, so set the date and see what happens.
6. Don't plan on a large turn out, but use the meet to get to know each other better then see what would work to make the next meet better.
7. Have fun and take pictures
Well Im up in prescott...But will soon be closer to phoenix half of the week. Id definately be down for a meet as I've never been to one before. Stupid question...but my car isn't modded at all besides a system...would that make a difference??
Ive been thinking the Pavilions for awhile. I have my kids that weekend but I will try to make it. Its always fun to go and hang out with others who like the same cars. Did I catch that LS guys were going to be there also? If so one of my employees owns an LS I can see if he would be interested in coming.

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