Arizona Get Together??

Is there a weekend in Prescott that isn't to busy that we all could get together on "Whiskey row"? That would make a great photo op, with all of the cars lined up in front of the bars and Court House. Good climate and a great drive.
Hey, Zonies! Been busy out enjoying the cooler weather -- brrrrrrr, gotta LOVE the temp finally dipping back into the 70's again (at least at night). Anyway, as far as Frog's suggestion to make calls and stuff, most of the stuff proposed so far just involves showing up:

PIR down in Chandler has drag-what-you drive on most Friday and Saturday nights, starting at 6:00 PM, unless there is an event scheduled. Cost for is admission = $10.00 + $7.00 if you wanna drive.

Speedworld over in Wittman has Saturday Night Racing from 8:00 PM til midnight, for $10.00 admission + $10.00 more if ya wanna drive.

The Scottsdale Pavillions car meet starts organizing itself near the McDonald's around 4:00 PM until around 8:30 PM on Saturday afternoons/evenings. I don't think there is any cost or registration for the event, but I'll check with my neighbor who always shows his glorious 62 Olds Starfire convertible there.

And of course, Whiskey Row in Prescott is a free public place.

Naturally, however, all of these places are at least 45 minutes away from each other, which begs the question WHAT exactly do folk want to do? In other words, what kind of timeframe are people thinking about? Are we looking for a simple afternoon or evening outing? Or something that will have multiple events spread out over a day or 2 or 3?

And either way, WHEN do you want to do it? Monkey suggested the weekend of Dec. 17th -- but personally, the December/Xmas time of year is usually too hectic for me. After the new year, though, from Jan. 14-22 Barret-Jackson will be in town up at WestWorld in Scottsdale -- there's ALWAYS mouth-watering automotive eye candy up there!

Regardless, once we pick a date(s), I can call Max at 5 Star and see what he's up to. Though I'd guess he'd be most inclined to accept our invitation if it were for a lil event right around the dealership at McDowell & Scottsdale Roads either right before or after work hours, or during his lunch break.

In any event, this thread's been kinda cold lately -- what are everybody else's current thoughts?

I like the Scottsdale area for a gathering. As you said 8, it offers the most and being that it is in "town", the Pavilions offer a great starting point. Free (?) registration and a lot of eyecandy to boot. Since it is a weekly deal, those of us with odd schedules can make it out every so often, to get a taste. From there who knows?

Oh the December deal, it was a self-serving Birthday wish.

The Buckeye Chapter is having a get together that is looking pretty sweet. It came together rather quickly and surely we Desert HRL Owners can do better than that. I mean Scottsdale Arizona, what more could I say?
Can we get this thing going again? Anyone serious about this let me know via PM, and we can get a time and place....maybe make this a monthly get together?

I have an 04 Ls and a 98 Mark VIII. I am interested. I live in Payson half of the week and Flagstaff the other half.

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