April 15, 2007 So CA Meet


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Feb 18, 2007
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Today, the Southern California "The Lincoln Mark VII Club" members hosted the April 2007 luncheon and meet, under cool breezy skys.

If you look closely, you may notice that the black Mark VII is missing its roof!
It is just-

Under threatening skys, Steven Erler brought out his Black, 1988, professionally modified "top optional" LSC.




The car is nearly flawless and beautifully maintained. It turns out that Brent and Chris were passing him on a street near their home and they both stopped to chat. They live just a stones throw from each other but never met until lately. Steve brought pictures of some of his other Lincolns and all were just as beautiful. He is quite an enthusiest. We thank him for bringing this unique vehicle out for us all to see. Additional pictures will be posted in the gallery as soon as it is up again. I will post a link here.

Steve had a commitment and had to leave before lunch but vowed to return next time, with friends!

We were happy to see our old friends Rafiel and Gloria arrive in their 89 with the chrome turbines, and we had a newcomer with us as well. Bruce Nickens brought his silver 87 LSC. It sports a new 5.0 and transmission and the bodywork is about to start. He dabbles with Mustangs but is going to take a "swak" at this very straight Mark VII. He intends to convert it to a 5 speed.


L-R Rafiel, Chris, Bruce, Brent, Art, Kat & Gloria.


Another milestone for the West Chapter: We have commitments from enough folks to schedule a Mark VII event at the hystoric and renowned Irwindale Raceway. Brent is the co-ordinator for this event which will feature Mark VII's on display for the day and a few "Parade" laps before the crowds on a raceday. Once the date is established, anyone with a Mark VII will be invited to join. It should be a day to remember! We will keep everybody posted and announce the date as soon as we have one.

I would like to thank Brent and Chris, Rafiel and Gloria, Bruce, Steve, and of course my wife Kat, for making this yet another enjoyable day here in the West.

Art & Kat

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