Any Recommended Transmission Shops in Southern California?

2005 Lincoln LS V8

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Aug 8, 2016
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Los Angeles
Hi Folks, hope thigs are well;

Background: Original LS Expert Mechanic is no longer employed at local shop:

Problem: When installing the new radiator apparently a lot of Transmission Fluid was lost when disconnecting the transmission lines.
Which resulted in overfilling the transmission and causing my pump seal to start leaking again!

The shop apologized and offered to have it fixed at his recommended local area Transmission Shop;

However, I preferred to have it fixed at the shop (70 Miles Away) I had the Seal replaced in back in 2016 when I inherited the LS after it had been sitting for two years prior.

Fast forward: I went by that original Shop this weekend and they have new owners and don't do a lot of Transmission repair work and could not look at the car realistically until around July or August. (Also, the mechanic I talked to kept saying the LS was front Wheel Drive; Nah, I know I need to go somewhere else!)

Was wondering if anyone in the Los Angeles County Area has had any transmission work done.
I can tow a 100+ Miles to a new shop.

I used Leon's Transmissions in Costa Mesa - they have 9 locations including LA area. Did nice work on my 2006 after another shop did a poor job.
Thanks xford!
They have one in Santa Clarita not too far down the hill (30 mi) from the Antelope Valley..

It will be the first week in June before I get it there.

Will post an update..
Do note that if your shop knew how to correctly replace the radiator on the LS, they would not have disconnected the transmission cooler lines.
Thanks Joegr; If the other Mechanic was there this probably would not have happened;
The owner and other mechanic said they followed the All Data Instructions and lost count of the number of pumps when refilling the Transmission.

On one hand, not many shops would admit they screwed up; And offer to have a local Transmission Shop fix it
They would just say you had a seal that was on its way out etc.

Lessons learned: Do your research first before you make decisions when your ticked off!

Then they didn't know the proper proceedure... and alldata gave bad info.

The LS gets 6-7 quarts of Mercron V... possibly 8 quarts if the tranny cooler lines were opened up.

At that point the car gets started, (and warmed up), and the center (smaller) part of the drain plug gets pulled... and when fluid stops dribbling out of the center hole... you thread the small plug back in and are done.

This assumes a level vehicle on a lift.
Hi Folks,
Have an update:

Good News: The Transmission Overfill did not destroy my Pump Seal;
Per Leon's Transmission (Santa Clarita, CA): The Transmission is doing what it's supposed to do if overfilled.
From driving the fluid splashed all over the bottom and looked liked the Pump Seal was leaking as well.

Bad News:
They recommend a transmission rebuild as shifting from 3rd to 4th has some issues due to servo units are showing extreme wear and when they dropped the pan more than normal metal filings appeared.
$3650.00 to rebuild. (Parts and Labor) Out the door.
I too have noticed an intermittent hesitation as well; however, would come and go.

In Summary,
Transmission fluid and filter were changed and filled to the proper level.
I inquired if the modulator and/or that electronic thing could be causing the issue (As I've seen on some of the other posts) is causing the shifting issues; Response was probably not; more having to do with worn transmission internals e.g. servo units etc..
He also, said the wear could have been due to not having the fluid changed since 2016 (When Pump Seal was replaced)

Note: this car has only 102,000 Miles and Pampered;
However, He's seen these transmissions fail earlier and recommends Transmission fluid transfer changes every 30,000 Miles.

I pick up the car tomorrow and will take the $269.00 receipt back to my original mechanic and any future work involving disconnecting transmission lines and / or anything else transmission related "Do Not Touch" and Stay Away !!

Thanks again for your support on this any comments are welcomed.

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