Another air suspension question......

Lincoln Continental

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    Apr 18, 2005
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    Yes, another air suspension question. Sorry.

    Anyways, its a 95 Conti. The compressor keeps turning on and off even when the car is off. Like, in the middle of the night it will just turn on. Freaked me out the first time i heard it one night when i was in the garage. I know this means that at least one bag is leaking and the compressor is coming on at all times to try to keep the bags pumped up. It started happening so much that i just finally turned the air suspension off in the trunk so the compressor wouldn't burn up. The car does not have the "lowrider" effect..........yet. The car sits normal even with the compressor off for days and days. However, when i do turn the compressor back on the front sits normal but the back gets like crazy high. Oh yeah, last thing.........the car rides like crap with the air turned on and off. Very different from when first purchased. :mad:

    Ok, so thats the background. What does everybody think? Is just leaky bags? If so, is there anyway i could diagnose which ones? I've been thinking of the coil conversion because if i replace one bag then 6 months later another one will go and etc.

    I looked on Strutmasters website. I noticed the Mark VIII had a lowering kit version. I would want that for the Conti but i dont think Strutmasters makes that.

    Strutmasters, what do u think of all this? If i bought the coil conversion, is install free?
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    Feb 18, 2005
    It sounds to me like you have problems with bad struts. You probably have a leak in the bags as well. We have a conversion kit for the 95-96 continentals that converts them to a passive strut and coil spring. This eliminates the VERY expensive electronic struts that you have on your vehicle and makes it comparable to the newer model continental suspension systems. The kit is $545(Not Shipped), we can lower it for if you so desire. The installation is $50 dollars per wheel. If you have any further questions please feel free to post here, or call us toll free at 866-597-2397 to set up an appointment for the install.

    Strutmasters Team
  3. bigdog1279

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    i have a 95 continental

    I never heard of StrutMasters befor
    Has Any one every heard of BadMasters if so are they any good
    I am waiting for my Front Strut to come in
    the pasanger had a leak in it so im replacing it with one from Bagmaster
    the drivers Front has a Mall Leak in it but not as bag as the passanger i was gona get this one from bagmaster and see how it works and if it,s good then replace the other one from them but was looking and saw that strut Masters ]
    are new not Remaned and cheaper by about 85 dollars any recomendations

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