Aluminum 2nd Gen thermostat housing


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Feb 24, 2009
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Anyone make an aluminum t-house for the 2nd gen AJ-V8...noticed URO makes one for 1st gen
There's a guy on here that showed pics of parts he fabricated... or had fabricated.

Not sure where to look for it, but you probably wouldn't like the price tag anyway.

No metal T-stat housing ever existed for the Gen 2.
Thanx man for the good news... saw the stainless steel setup from one of our members but close to 2 grand ...looks like a one off piece though, purty. Guess Motorcraft OEM in my future. She's leaking a little from just the housing but I should replace the inlet tube (2W9Z-9N499-AC) while I'm going down on her.
the uro is a pos o-rings made of cheese and cardboard gaskets. had to rtv that whole contraption back together

put in a oe housing you will get 10 years out of it and the car will probably be gone next time it goes.
Well, got the OEM thermostat crossover and outlet tube but because I was dropped on my head as a kid I forgot they come a la carte and didn't come with the o-rings. Is there a set like Fel-Pro that comes with all 5. I'm assuming that the o-ring for the t-stat housing comes with that unit but I still need the other 4.


Unless it has changed, you have to order them all separately, including for the thermostat. Ford didn't include the gaskets with the parts, but it seems like Jaguar did.
Thanx old timer..glad to see you're still on boards after all these years...shepherding the uninitiated through the darkness that is the 'technical marvel' LS...ya gotta luv to wrench with this fabulous piece of engineering
U got that brother...only OEM...picked them up at the local Lincoln d-ship...50 ducats out the door

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