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Nov 27, 2004
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Chanhassen, MN
Blew out the alternator and battery on my 2000 5 Speed. There are two alternators for the V6. One for the auto and one for the manual. Both put out 105 amps. Does anyone know why there is a different alternator?

Second question. For you guys that are running extra amps to power subs were you able to get an upgraded alternator or get the alternator rebuilt so that it has a higher output? Just wondering as I have added an inverter and I think that may be the cause. Looking for a workaround on this.

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Either alternator will work !! only diff is the pulley design. One for the Standard has a one way clutch brg pulley while the auto has a bolt on pulley .
A/C Delco has 130 amp
Depending which one you want .
Standard 3342501
Automatic 3342499
Either alt. Will work on your car !! If you want the brg pulley design $$ or the bolt on pulley ..
Please note that the alternator output is controlled by the ECU in your car, so putting in a 'higher output alternator' is an exercise in frustration.

True that the Alt is controlled by the ecu.. by going to an 130amp will cause no problem now if it be 200amp then you have to upgrade the positive cable system.. been there done that on police cars for yrs till Ford came stock from factory with the 200amp alt for all the extra load police added on after words ..
with my 1st gen, I ran a 1500 RMS amp with out a problem off of the stock alt.
While either will work but the manual does use the one way pulley design due to the quick change in RPM when shifting. Using the automatic alternator will increase vibration and shorten belt life. The local electrical shop swapped out the automatic pulley for the manual pulley when I replaced the alternator several years ago.

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