Air suspension leak.


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May 19, 2007
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Maybe ten years ago I had a leak that got so bad, the pump was running constantly, but it was unable to keep the car up while driving. I finally traced that to the right front airbag, which suffered ozone-cracks around the lower portion. The cracks didn't leak all the time. The cracks opened up only when the car had a certain attitude, and that wheel was low, and the curvature of the rubber bladder was just right ... "New" boneyard front air bags cost me like $20 iirc..

Anyways, now the rear end has a slow leak, and when parked level for a few days it drops down.
I'm not set up to work on it. So my thought is to somehow get some Slime or Fix-a-Flat in there. I don't think that stuff ever hardens, so I don't think it'll accidentally clog a valve, air-line, or whatever...
I might get lucky and some of it sloshes around, sealing the leak. Any opinions or thoughts? Like how and where to inject it? Bad idea?
('88 LSC)
I hate to say it, but you would have to be really lucky. The breaks/leaks can be at the top roll of the spring as well. Slime would be pretty unlikely to fix it. Not impossible, more "odds against." If you can find any way to get a replacement, the job is even easier than the front, absurdly easy.
I hate to say it, but you would have to be really lucky. The breaks/leaks can be....
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, the Slime was just a lazy thought. I never dealt with the rear. The fronts were surprisingly easy.

Checking Amazon: "...Spring Bags... Rear... Compatible with 1983-1992 Lincoln MARK VII.. $82.. $59 ... Lots available.

Problem is it's in a hotel parking lot. Working on cars is not permitted. But I do need to get my brake rotors cleaned up, and maybe that tire shop can install this for me, while it's up on the lift.

Here's one of my original suspension comments from 2008.

(Holy cow... Reading that 2008 thread below, I actually tried to seal that old leak with Slime. It was a few years ago, so maybe I shouldn't feel so bad about my failed memory... )

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I understand about the parking lot, that doesn't help. Maybe go to an auto store parking lot? :D Going from memory hear, all you need to do is pop out the solenoid clip, twist to the first stop to let out the air, then twist again to remove. Then you just spin the top to unlock, IIRC. The base just has two bolts I think. It may be stuck down with rust, and the bolts may also be a little rusted in place. A hammer and a punch will see to that. Minimal tools, and not much time required. Oh, I would also always find something to put under the frame, some wood blocks or something. so that when I let the jack down the car would be sitting slightly lower than ride height. That way the pump kicks on, but the car isn't flat on the ground when it's trying to fill.
Actually there's a big empty lot around back, if I really need to do something like this, and I've got tools in storage.
Naturally I'd rather be indoors. Forecast is rain tonight, tomorrow, then snow, followed by months of rain and snow....
Funny thing is it was parked for a week with no leak, then it leaked down quick. Same thing happened last time. I'm sure it's a leaky air bag. First thing I need to do is find the leak(s).
Good thinking about blocking up the frame... This job is gonna require some forethought.
Your reply actually jostled two more memories for me. Staying up fine at times, and dropping quick at times can be due to a parking angle. I had a Mk7 with marginal fronts and leaky rears. I jacked up the back to address the rears, and the fronts just suddenly leaked straight down, all the way. That was fun to get back in the air.

Second thought, I had a '90 Mk7 that I always put a 6x6 block (or something that size) under the front cross member to keep it from dropping flat. It's crude, but it could get by on the rears as well, however you placed a block. Happy new year!
Your reply actually jostled two more memories for me. Staying up fine at times, and dropping quick..
I was surprised at how low the car dropped, and how suddenly. Maybe 4 inches from the concrete... I mentioned it in one of my air-ride comments.
Since then I don't even stick a leg under it without a jack stand.

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