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Nov 4, 2017
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Hey guys you may remember me from the Drift Build Thread and since then I have been hard at work building up equipment for my business and working toward developing an aftermarket for the Lincoln LS Chassis!

Stu-Car-BusinessCard (1).jpg

Below is a list of items I am working on and plan to offer in the next year or so.

I will be posting updates in my stories of my progress on these projects on my socials @stukellymotorsports (Instagram & Facebook)

Adjustable Front Upper Arms Flat Design~$300-400
Key Features- replaceable bushings & rod end
60% Done ✅
front upca lincoln.PNG

Adjustable Rear Upper Arms $365(set)
Key Features- Single adjustment point at knuckle, replaceable bushings & rod end, (CORRECTS NEGATIVE CAMBER FROM LOWERING YOUR CAR) DOES NOT ADD MORE NEGATIVE
100% Done ✅ Available here- SKM Lincoln LS Adjustable Rear Upper Arms
If you have any safety concerns with the flat design get a hold of me and I am open to discuss it!

Heavy Duty Rear Toe Links- ~$250 (set)
Key Features- Adjustable (replaceable ball joint socket)
90% Done ✅

Bolt on Angle Kit (With multiple options of complexity) ~$100-$500
Key Features- Allow for more steering angle, replaceable rod end
55% Done ✅

LS Swap Engine Mounts 75% ~$200 (set)
85% Done

CD009 Trans Mount for (LS Engine Swap) 75%
85% Done ✅

Front Strut Brace
0% Done ✅

8.8 Swap Mount Bracket 25%
Key Features- Weld on DIY kit for rear subframe to mount an 8.8 rear diff from a MKVIII
25% Done ✅

Rear Subframe Bushing Replacements (Solid & Polyurethane)
0% Done ✅

Tools for Rear Subframe Bushing Removal & Install
0% Done ✅

Aluminum DEGAS Bottle
Key Features- It actually fits, off the shelf aluminum 16lb radiator cap,
0% Done ✅

Silicon Replacement Hoses
0% Done ✅ (Not sure if I will actually do this, but I have a few manufacturers I would like to reach out to about producing these)

Dual Rear Caliper Bracket (For Drifting Handbrake)
Key Features- Pretty drift specific, but I would love to have more drifters pick up this chassis if there were more aftermarket parts available!
That's awesome!! Looks like some good quality stuff. The rear arms I wouldn't mind having sometime.
Very excited about all of this bro! I appreciate you so much. Getting hard to find parts for these. Ty for all you are doing!
Hi Stu, my late son loved watching (and showing me) the video of the Drift Taxi. With all the suspension parts you're showing maybe what our LS needs may be up your alley, namely either LS sport shocks or Jaguar sport springs. Ours is a 2000 V6 LS Sport manual.
First off hats off to U Stu Ur the mutha f%$&in Dude... I thought I was. Thanx for setting me Str8 about the LS Game bro. Wut else I need to know is where to find a transmission for my 02 Ls automatic... Mines took a dump and life ain't been the same w/o it... Help please
damn, bringing it back to life. Have you thought about the Wilwood front kit and also the dual kit would work on the rear also. I have the wilwood kit for my 94 mustang and going to make another bracket to be able to run dual wilwood claipers on it. I am mounting my hyd brake in the stock location and using the center console to house the reservoir

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