Accepting 2014 LVC MarkVIII Calendar Entries

Car in reflection should be washed at least, and replace its missing center cap

The other half of the car is washed with center caps, that picture sucks anyway. Slowmkviii and I went and took way better pictures this year but I already submitted that one. Still working on getting them off my camera too. I suck at technology.
Extending the deadline by a week. I will be out of town on the deadline Will not able to post the voting topic till I get back.
heres The Phantom.


My 1996 Mark VIII Diamond Anniv. Wish we had another week or so as the foliage would be better. DSC_0316.jpg

I volunteer to normalize and edit the submission winners and possibly create a background for all similar to LOD, but much better of course. LOL The border makes all the cars on that calendar really look fantastic. I'll post some ideas soon. Kinda thinking about dark, carbon fiber.
Uh dude you got another week to take pics..
I'm out of town til Sunday, and work is sending me out of town on Monday. I have a small window, rain permitting, to find a a good spot. Besides, mine looks like a turd compared to some of the beauties on this site.
Thanks Sapp..with all these phone cameras these days all of the pics you see posted are so washed really gotta tweak the settings to make the color come out. I'll have to try and mess with the sig pic again, last time I tried changing it the site wouldn't allow me to for some reason.
I'll throw my hat into the ring. a lot of nice cars showing here on this string! a lot of blinged out cars, and hot rodded cars, that look fabulous!
How about my bone stock(except for the 245/55x16 Kuhmo tires) 95 Lincoln MK VIII LSC, Garnet Red Glaze, with 2 tone lite/medium platinum interior, with 42,000 original miles. its a beautiful car, and I love driving it! this stock car, is the essence of why we but them, and then decide what to do, and fix up, after we but them. I am leaving this car stock for now, other than a sensor lowering in the next few weeks. it sits in my garage, and I only drive it a few times a month, and it is FAST! here you go. enjoy!
Looks awsome! But you gotta photoshop out that time stamp..that'll be a deal breaker for a calander picture!
Don't know how to do that, but the rules say you can't change, or resubmit a picture. If my car/pic is liked, maybe RollinLS can fix that if he chooses to. I don't see anything in the rules that says he won't. hopefully he would. it would thrill any of us to have our pic/car chosen for this honor. This car won 2 awards about a month ago, but nothing major.
I see k9 is squeaking in like myself. I ain't missing this year dammit! I found some good spots around me, but I might have to cut a lock or 2 to get a good shot, and I just ran out of time so here are mine from one of my many boscobel detours this year


There is a post where he said he was extending it a week.

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