A Wings West Purchase


Actually the rims lip was polished with clearcoat originally. Well, after one winter the clear flaked off all over and started to corrode. Now when I wash the car the lips get a scotchbrite pad taken to them to keep the silver half way presentable.
Sure sure sure .... Chrome hater! :p
After wanting the Wings West rear spoiler for the last couple years ($$$) I went ahead and pulled the trigger on it. I picked it up on Amazon for about $65-70 cheaper then getting it direct from WW.

I think it looks great with the LSE body kit! I know a couple other members have it too on theirs but until today have never seen one in person. I have a friend who is going to prep it for me and get it ready to install. I'll post pics when it's complete. :biggrin: Had to do a quick wipe down to take the pics...stupid road salt! What do you guys think?

I wonder how much it would cost to make a mold of this wing...it's stone simple.

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