9th Annual LvC Beach Party 2014

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    9th Annual LvC

    Boscobel Beach Party
    July 18th - 20th, 2014

    Thank you to everyone who come every year to our Beach Parties and made the "Beach Party" fun, and a great success. It's because of you that Heather and I host the Beach Party, we enjoy the company and friendship of all who attend.

    Once again we open our Home for all who wish to attend.​

    This Meet is Under Discussion
    Activities and Times are Tentative

    We have a lot of fun at all these meets and it's the great members of LvC who keep coming back year after year who make it great. Let's see what our 9th meet will be like ... I am working on idea to make the 9th as much fun as the rest but I love hearing your ideas and input to help make them better ... Please join the discussion here and on our LvC Facebook Page ...

    All Times Tentative

    Friday July 18th

    12:00 PM-7:00 PM
    Meet Drink and Be Merry on Mespock's Front Porch with Pepperman (as we wait and watch members arrive)
    Looking forward to meeting all new people who say they are coming, and welcoming all our old friend who return every year.
    7:00 - 9:00 PM - Dinner Grill out Brats and Burgers at Mespock's ... (Sorry Pepps no Atomic burgers although they might be there LOL) Wash your hands chicken
    9:00 till Ms Chicken takes Chicken to bed - Fire, Refreshments, and Good Company back at Mespock's house .....

    Saturday July 19th

    8:00 AM Coffee at Timberlane Coffee Shop -
    9:00 AM Breakfast at the Unique Cafe'
    11:00 Meet at Kronshage
    12:00 PM Cruise and White Elephant .....

    We will again a White Elephant Door Prize Exchange! Was fun last year let's see how creative we get in 2014, and remember a few of the gifts need to be something desirable in order to make it fun! (Oh and Yes Derrick someone has to be the first Dick LOL) White Elephant activity this year to replace the Door Prizes we have done in the past. Click on the White Elephant link to learn about the activity if you do not know what a White Elephant is. What you bring can be whatever you want to bring ei. Alcohol, Car Parts, Gag Gift, anything there is no restriction with in reason ...

    5:00 PM - Return to Mespocks
    6:00 PM Dinner - In the Planning Stages Yet
    8:00 PM Evening Activities (White Elephant - Fire and Drinks and BS) ....

    Sunday July 2st 9:00 AM -Breakfast at the Unique Café and Good-Bye

    Follow discussion to learn more about activities and the fun we have.

    All it takes is one Wedding and the motels in Boscobel will fill So make your reservations early to guarantee your room. No Credit Cards will be charged until date of event

    I'll be blocking rooms at the River Inn 608-375-8000 for LvC, other Boscobel motel is the Sands Motel 608-375-4167

    So book your rooms early. (and remember Boscobel is a city of only 3,000 people so we don't have many motels. Next closest is about 10 miles away at the Fennimore Hills 608-822-3281

    Once again my back yard is free for those wanting to save some money and camp out.
    Those wanting to arrive earlier are welcome, same with those wanting to stay longer (as long as it's not permanent LOL).

    Click Here To RSVP

    Lawn Chairs are always good thing to bring

    For those who have never made a Beach Party ....
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