95 sts fuel pressure regulator location?


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May 14, 2014
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oakville, ON
Hi there, I have a 95 sts Seville 4.6 northstar with 278,000 on it. It has recently been hard starting but when started runs fine. No engine,lights or anything. I'm leaning towards the fuel pressure regulator but does anyone know where I can find it? I would like to go to the scrap yard tomorrow to get one so need to know location. Pics would be great! Thanks again and happy cruisin!

I did some double checking to be sure, but it seems that the 4.6 Northstar and the 4.0 Northstar I had in my Aurora use a very similar fuel rail design. The FPR should be located ahead of the rear cylinder bank, just to the right of the coil packs, and just aft of the throttle body. Little dash pot with a vacuum line atop, can't miss it. Just remember to bleed off the fuel pressure before pulling it off, but I'm sure you might have already suspected that one. ;)

EDIT: also, in my experiences, Northstars are very sensitive about their fuel pressure, so if the pump is getting weak, it may exhibit the same symptoms. A fuel pressure gauge is a really handy tool to have and is pretty cheap. These engines like to have 50+psi to function really well, anything south of that and they start to do weird stuff. Good luck.
Ya I quickly realized about the bleed process after I unplugged the hose and the gas all blew,up in my,face at mach speeds haha
In the process I lost that clip clamp metal thing that holds it in. Any idea where I can get one of those? There are absolutely none at scrap yard

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