50% off sale at Junkyards, black Friday??!!

Jim Henderson

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Mar 30, 2005
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Walnut CALIF
I was totally flummoxed when I found out about this. Either I have been away from junk yards aka Salvage Yards too long or this is something I never expected...

I have found out that at least in my local area, the local junkyards are all having Black Friday Sales. Any part 50% off, can't beat that with a stick. Some yards are doing it all this Thanksgiving week, some only Thur and Friday. Some will let you pull it early and set it aside if they have only a one day sale.

So far I have only check "you Pull it" type yards. Don't know if the "we pulled it and charge more" yards are doing the same.

For a differential that I have shopped on at $425 from "we pulled it" to $200 at "you pull it" now down to $77 This week at one of my local "You pull its".


May be worth checking if you are in the market for used parts.

I don't know why it never occured to me that Used auto parts would be on sale just like TVs, Dishwashers, Jewelry etc. But wow.

Jim Henderson
Yup got my parts and then some, all at half price.

Got me the differential and almost the cv joints and wheel assemblies. Almost because while I was at the cashier to settle up and decide if I wanted the CV joints and wheel assemblies, the junk yard shuttle truck ran over my cvs and snapped various parts off the wheel assemblies. Eeeediot, my stuff was behind the blue line pedestrian stripes. So all I bought was the differential and two slotted rotors(Aftermarket I think) all for $85 with a $21 refund when I return the cores. Can't beat that.

Also got me a radiator and a tail light for the LS. All for $40 with a $10 refund for the core.

One word of warning... Since almost all the cars in a junk yard are there because they don't run, most are put in "Park" and have no key. Soooo, you can't turn the drive train to make removing the bolts easy. What should have taken maybe 15 minutes to remove the driveshaft coupling bolts took me probably 2 hours. It is a real beach to get at two bolts when the shaft is stuck. It can be done but there is no room for much movement and a ratchet gets maybe only 1 or 2 clicks for each turn.

In other words be prepared for it to take much longer than you think and don't be surprised if you can't get the part out that you need. I was going to take the complete drive shaft but couldn't get at the last bolt on the front coupler so I quit before I spent too much time on that.

It might be worthwhile to check the yards for a pre Christmas sale I, suspect the deals will be equally as good.

Soooo, for less than maybe $100 I got a differential, rotors, taillight and radiator. this all would have cost me well over $1000 new, or $200 at best on regular price. I was figuring on spending almost $400 for the diff(junkyard) and radiator(new) so other than the risk of "will it work when I am done" I think I got a great deal.

Good Luck,

Jim Henderson

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