3x2bbl Carb Info on a '59 Cadillac


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Aug 19, 2019
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New around here, so sorry if this has already been posted. I looked and couldnt find anything.

I inherited a 59 caddy that I'm trying to get back on the road, but only one of the 3 carbs was still free. It's got the 390 and a tri-power type carb setup, but the front and back were both seized. Try as I might, I wasnt able to find much info on these carbs, let alone a rebuild kit or replacement.

I've found a few 3x2 intakes and carbs on ebay/craigslist, etc. but most parts stores dont even list the 3x2 setup as an option.

Anyone around here got any good info on what carbs were used, what models they were used on, maybe some good places I could find rebuild kits or replacement parts? They're Rochester 2 Jets of some kind, but they're missing the copper tag :mad:

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