2nd Gen. front end swap to 1st Gen. (97-->94 front end)


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Jul 13, 2021
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Sunnyvale, California
Hello y'all, been lurking on the forum for a couple years now, learning a bunch from y'all. Anyhow, I could use a big help in the knowledge field right now. I am looking replacing the front exterior panels on my 1997 Mark VIII LSC, such as the hood, header, bumper, and fenders- as they were mangled in an accident. Once all together, would the hood, fenders, header, and bumper from a 1994 Mark VIII fit nicely on the 2nd gen. chassis? I understand that there were modifications to the exterior of the marks between 96 and 97, but just from the looks, it seems that the lines of the body, windshield area, and door line up the same between the two bodies. Any response is greatly appreciated!
Okay, perfect! Anyhow, does the gen. 1 hood need any modification to fit over the gen. 2 motor? I know that the top side of the engine of the second gen is much different from the first gen.; is it taller?

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