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Jun 26, 2012
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East Bridgewater
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I have a number of Lincolns for sale. Will be getting pictures in the next few days.

1996 Diamond Anniversary cars-have 3 silver Town cars and one maroon. Have 2 maroon Continentals and one silver. Have two maroon Mark VIII and one silver.

1996 Mark VIII LSC- motor has a knock at startup-white with tan leather

1993 Mark VIII-owned since 1993. Blk/blk. paint is faded.

1996 non Diamond Anniversary-two maroon Continentals, on silver. Cartier Town Car and a silver Signature. 2 parts cars that run great-one rusty, one hit in nose.

1990 Town Car personal Limo-this is a stretch with only one back seat-cabinetry where the other would go. Told it was one of 5. Grey/Black

4 Lincoln Blackwoods. Three with salvage title, but repaired. One with clean title but was in a building that caught fire-doesn't run-told the key was wrong but I don't know. Roof warped-have a complete roof with sunroof assy, and a complete cab from a 2002 Harley F150.

1991 Mark VII SE-cordovan color with black interior. Runs strong-new injectors last week. No sunroof.

1991 Cadillac Allante-red/black with early hardtop.

Not a dealer, just a collector who used to be retired and had time on my hands.

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