2014 LS Meet in St Louis


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Jul 4, 2005
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Going to start organizing this years event. Would like some input from members that have attended the last 2 years events. Have several new people interested from outside LVC. The indoor go carting seem to be a big hit. Gateway drag strip was fun. Fastlane Classic Cars still a possibility.
Can attend but have to use my truck to do work @ son's house while in area. All activities look good! Good places to eat? Hotel reservations?
Looking forward to going to my first LS meet, feel like I will be out of place, being 19 lol! Fast lane sounds pretty awesome, I have never been there. What all usually goes on?
I would love to go, any idea on a date? will be in Cocoa Beach, FL. June 18- June 30.
I know I would like to meet up sometime, still need to replace the windshield, get headlights re done and get detailed. Spring is almost here and I'm ready!

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