2010 Lincoln MKT Revealed


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Mar 6, 2005
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Belle Mead, NJ
Well, the front end is a bit polarizing... But at least it's significantly different looking from the Flex.

I think I prefer the overall shape of the Flex over this.







I love Lincoln even if they won't make the MKR but they do know different cars can have different looking interiors right?
Isn't the center console minus the vents the same?

I could very well be completely wrong I just thought it looked similar.
Isn't the center console minus the vents the same?

I could very well be completely wrong I just thought it looked similar.

Probably the radio knobs and such are the same, but the driver's instrumentation cluster is new, the vent designs appear to be new, the overall design of the center stack appears to be new.

I think the Lincoln designers have done a pretty decent job of differentiating it from the other MK? models.
Pricing information revealed today, it's a bit expensive for a Lincoln, IMO.
The 355-hp Lincoln MKT will have a starting price of $49,995.
Fully loaded EcoBoost MKT ~ $55K.
Although it's priced cheaper than an Acura MDX, and comparable to an Audi V-6 Q7 (not V-8).

Standard Features:
# SelectShift six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifts
# Eight-inch, color touch-screen for audio and HVAC control
# Rear view camera
# 20-GB hard drive for music jukebox music storage
# Intelligent Access with Push Button Start
# SecuriCode™ Keyless Entry Keypad
# Adaptive Headlamps with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
# Auto High Beams
# Rain-Sensing Wipers
# Reverse-sensing parking assist system
# Power opening / closing rear liftgate
# 12-way powered, heated-and-cooled front row seating
# Adjustable pedals
# Heated second-row seats
# Three-zone HVAC
# Ambient lighting
# Panoramic Vista Roof featuring two large glass panels
# 19-inch Premium Painted aluminum wheels
# Integrated spotter mirrors

$5K Elite Package:
Lincoln MKT buyers looking for more luxury and convenience features can choose the Elite Package, priced at $5000. The Elite package includes:

* Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC): A system that allows the driver to set and maintain vehicle speed, while radar monitors traffic ahead. This optional system automatically adjusts speed and slows the vehicle to maintain the set distance behind traffic ahead.
* Collision Warning with Brake Support: A system enabled by Adaptive Cruise Control that provides the driver with a "head-up" display that flashes on the windshield when the system senses slower moving traffic ahead. If the driver doesn't respond, the system will pre-charge the brakes to prepare the vehicle for a more aggressive stop.
* Blind Spot Information System (BLIS™): BLIS is a radar sensor on the outboard rear quarter panel used to monitor the traditional blind spot areas and can notify the driver with a warning indicator light in the corresponding side view mirror.
* Cross Traffic Alert: Utilizing BLIS sensors, the Lincoln Cross Traffic Alert helps detect approaching traffic when backing out of a parking space. When the vehicle is in reverse and senses traffic, mirror warning lights illuminate and audible signals sound.
* Voice-activated Navigation: An advanced, next-generation system with an internal hard-drive for map and point-of-interest information storage and an updated THX audio system with exclusive new feature – Neural Surround – that helps improve audio reproduction from compressed digital formats.
* Power-opening Panoramic Vista Roof

Stand-alone Options:
* Active-Park Assist: Available on EcoBoost-equipped vehicles, this Lincoln-exclusive system literally "steers" the Lincoln MKT into a parallel parking spot while coaching the driver through conventional throttle and braking inputs.
Active-Park Assist employs an ultrasonic-based sensing system, as opposed to video camera-reliant competitive offerings, to detect edges of adjacent objects to calculate optimized trajectory and making hands-free parallel parking a breeze. It works at the touch of a button, requiring less driver programming and reducing the risk of selecting an inappropriately sized parking space.
* 20-inch polished wheels
* Dual, headrest mounted DVD family entertainment system
* Second-row, heated-and-cooled bucket seats with power lumbar
* Second-row, console-mounted refrigerator
* Class III trailer-towing capability
Just when lincoln was starting to turn things around. They come out with this?? The styling was gettimg better and now its going to worse.
fugly, what's next, some wood paneling on the sides? sorry, I'm just not ready to go back to the family station wagon look, 355HP or not.
I don't think the public is impressed either. I have seen 2 MKT's on the highway in 2 mos.
It's just a rebodied Flex with a higher price tag. And I think everybody knows that. Add to that the fact that it's ugly as home made sin and sales are not going to be exactly stellar. Hence few are being seen on the road. I haven't seen one in several months.
Saw an MKT

I finally saw an MKT, I was on vacation in Hawaii two weeks ago and it passed me on the hwy. First time I had seen one in months.
Only seen them on dealer lots. Probably the ugliest Lincoln in recent years, although the interior does look quite nice.

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