2007 DTS Heated seats went out


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Sep 5, 2012
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The heated seats went out on my DTS, they were working just fine till I picked someone up and we both were using them for about 40 mins or so than the next day they didn't work, neither driver nor passenger works... I haven't checked if the back heated seats work because I'm honestly never back there.
I checked the fuses under the back seat and none of them were bad, I found the one for the heated seats and replaced it anyways and still nothing. Could there be another fuse somewhere that I'm missing? or could it be something not so easy as a fuse to fix. If anyone can help me solve this you would be amazing because Michigan is cold and I miss my heated seats haha
you should get an opinion from a dealer, it might be a problem inside the seat itself, does the passenger airbag sensor still work, you know the display on the overhead console that shows if it will turn on the airbag or not? Does the Cooled seat feature still work? I think it's pretty odd that they both stopped working at the same time, you should check the back seats as well, oh and are both the backs and bottoms not working or just one of them? Too bad this happened after the warranty and Cadillac Complementary Road Side Assistance expired, it would have been taken care of free of charge.
I will check if the passenger seat belt sensor works next time I have someone in my car, and I haven't checked to see if the cooled seats work because it has been around 20 degrees all week so the seats are freezing either way so I'm not sure if I would even be able to tell haha
Neither the backs nor the bottoms heat up. I thought it was odd as well, I assumed if something went wrong it would have been one of the two not BOTH at the same time unless it was a fuse or something. But I replaced the fuse under the back seat that went to the heated seats and nothing changed. I don't know if there is more than one fuse for the heated seats.
I know my luck with timing on that is poor, luckily I did get the water pump replaced the week before my warranty expired... too bad this didn't go out at the same time.
If you haven't checked your owners manual yet you should, because since you used the feature for that long of a time maybe something failed and they went to a safety mode or something, do the power seat adjustments still work, oh how about when you push the button to turn on the heated seat do the three light bars still illuminate?
so the seatbelt sensor works for the passenger seat, the three little lights light up when I push the heated seats button on both doors... and I don't have a manual with this car (I bought it used) and all other functions work on the seat it moves every direction its supposed to move in
Well here is a link to the part of Cadillac's site where you can look at and download a virtual version of the 2007 DTS owners manual. As for you problem I'm going to say it might be an electrical problem, it's odd because I don't think it's a common problem for these cars. It still strange that not only do both the tops and bottoms not work but it's both seats (that's why I'm thinking electrical problem), like I said the only other thing I could think of is like something internal failed and they went into some safety mode.

2007 DTS owners manual info: http://www.cadillac.com/owners/auto-owners-manuals.html#nav_tablay_item_c13_1
Anytime, the owners manual thing happened to me too, I looked in the glove box and there was no manual but the dealer check list sheet, they checked off that the car came in with a manual so I made them order me a new one and they did for free, it's a 2012 so they were still able to get one.
i have a somewhat similar problem that i haven't looked into. driver side messaging seat doesn't work in my DHS

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