2006 Lincoln Aviator???

1wykdmk8 said:
Check it out here

It looks good but I want to see it in person. It is hard to tell anything from a picture and an artical. I bet it will be a nice ride like most of the company's other products.
Eat that Pacifica !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :N

How bout it doesnt look like a doorstop.

But I would like the vertical line grill a lot better than the eggcrate just a preference.

Big Joe
Ooh yeah and bring back the continental concept and make it convertible, im a college student but i would give up 2 or 3 semesters to put a down payment on taht bad boy. Excellent piece of machinery there.
Im not that thrilled with this model. looks a lil wierd to me... but others have grown on me over time.
The current aviator is phat, that one is tight.......

21's? oooohhhhh!!!
wonder what they are gonna slap in that to make it go, and how long it will take for people to mod them to smoke cayennes?
personally i think 21s on that car/truck are too big i think they should be 19s or so. They make it have a matchbox car sorta look. But besides that not bad. One of the better concepts i've seen.
Not sure about the new car based Aviator. Like someone mentioned here, maybe over time it will grow on me. However I personally feel like the current waterfall grille instead of the eggcrate grille. I guess Lincoln is looking to go back to the 60's Lincoln in exterior styling like they have with the interiors. In a way this eggcrate design may help set a better brand identity. Mercury also has the same waterfall design and sometimes Lincolns are confused with Mercurys by some people. I hope that Lincoln can modernize the 1961 Lincoln sedan as the next design for the next generation Town Car. I feel that maybe the upcoming Zephyr may give Lincoln another opportunity to broaden their market appeal if they market this car heavily and properly. They also have to be ready with a new LS to follow up so that the consumer knows that Lincoln is here to stay and be competitive.

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