2004 LSE shocks

Air ride was sofa smooth in a Town Car. If you like long road trips the air ride would be a very good consideration.

i have had very impressive results from strutmasters on a 2011 e550 4 WHEEL AIR SUSPENSION CONVERSION KIT​

has anyone tried their 2003-2006 LINCOLN LS 4 WHEEL AIR SUSPENSION CONVERSION KIT (FD24F)​

OMG... here we go again...


The junk Strutmasters kit is designed to replace an air ride suspensioned vehicle... with standard shocks and springs... which the Lincoln LS ... ALREADY HAS!!!

Strutmasters suspension kits are "bottom basement" when it comes to the LS!!!
putting shocks in the background and you had to replace all of the suspension system over time which component for safety first applications do you do first?
putting shocks in the background and you had to replace all of the suspension system over time which component for safety first applications do you do first?

It's tough to pinpont certain parts first to replace. The suspension is a "system"... not just individual components.

Typically with the LS... the rear left bottom spring tail bends or breaks. This is usually in the rust belt. This puts unusual loading on the left rear lower control arm... and it eventually starts squeaking. This may also wear out the rear toe links.

This starts a person down the road of rebuilding the rear suspension completely... including both upper and lower control arms... and shocks.

Sourcing replacement springs can be a challenge. Typically... springs can still be found at junkyards for a reasonable price... but the color coding and tags on the springs of the donor vehicle should match the the color coding and tags on the vehicle being repaired. Moog makes aftermarket springs for the LS... but I know nothing about the quality... or quality of ride they will give.

Shocks... are another story. Good shocks for the LS are hard to find... to keep or improve the quality of ride.

As said elsewhere here... the rebuilding of the rear suspension... may make the front of the LS feel "heavy"... and cause handling issues.

This leads to rebuilding the front suspension in the same manner as the rear.

Typically... the sway bars last longer... along with the steering rack.

I can't stress enough... don't buy cheap (inexpensive) parts. They do not last long... and will have to be replaced at sooner intervals than better made parts.
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04 thanks and i was afraid your breakdown, which is a fair amount of work and money however i think why i place so much value should be told ( beside that i really enjoy the occasional drive i get to have in the 2006 Lincoln ls ) and why i brought this car for my third son 23years old
my oldest son is 37now when he was 23 i brought an black 04 beauty for him but it was not his first car that was a 99 Toyota corolla
one day in Dutchess county ny My Wife had garage sale When she noticed a rather large ( turns out to be a police officer about 60 at the time) looking at the Toyota and crying my wife brings him some water and asks if he is ok he looks at her still crying and says that was the same car that his son was driving on the Taconic State parkway they put a call out to him but by the time he arrived his son had passed on "To GOD" By now my wife the mother of our six children has tears in her eyes and he then says he wished he helped his son get a bigger safer car maybe he could have talked to him or even survived!
So im working on the computer and the Gloria comes big tears in her blue eyes tells me we are trading the Toyota in for a safer car i say no and i get hit with the story still with tears in her i eyes
so i said which the older i get i seem to say more "yes dear"
this brings to the safety of the Lincoln ls i did my homework and the seat belts control logic among others set me on the path to make both son and boss happy ( he loved his ls{)
So we buy and about seven months pass and at1:37 am we get a phone call from the police your son has been in a terrible accident and they are trying to get him out of the car to get here quick
That was a praying scared hard drive
when we got there we saw our son surrounded by the police giving him a sobriety test we did not care he was alive he was already checked we later found out he was already checked out by the paramedics
To everyone's surprise he was not drinking at all ( he plays very minor league hockey at the Poughkeepsie ice rink drove his girlfriend home and was heading home and feel a sleep at the wheel driving through an intersection the police think somewhere between 60 and 75 mph
for he went through a nice size bush then went though two signs one a single pole the other a double which broke in the middle and collapsed the roof of the car then hit the not a full grown tree about a15footer with both car and tree totaled you had no problem following the path of the car and could understand the police drinking concept
Some bruises of course but he walked up to us hugged us! Then the press got there and Gloria told the story of why my son was driving a Lincoln ls Police were crying i was crying all 275 pounds like a baby
With the help of the police we found the officer who was happy that he helped but he remand very private
So while the car did accept a solid alignment i can see the bushings.... i did spray them with scotty Kilmer's 205 stuff it does seem to effect the rubber we will see
but moog in my mind are staring back at me and i just did the plastic + hoses belts coils plugs riding nice along with replaced parts of the transmission ( that 10 mm bolt on top of of new solenoid pack made me buy the adjustable socket pita +) and the rear differential fill drain had to be heated and drilled out pain took me 2hours running to store...
So 04 i really appreciate your input the suspension is a week area for me so the bolts and nuts are killing me here so i may farm it out which like say it is not cheap if i try to do it right it is brutal if a garage does it but i believe in this car

lastly i do not proof read so please let your mind fill-in the blanks going to bed now and thanks again for sharing you help keep the ls alive

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