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Oct 10, 2014
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Nice sunny Hawaii
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Aloha guys. I really loved the car, but due to it's parts availability and family planning to move somewhere far
away in about year or two, we decided to let our beloved LS go. Because of this, I have some left over parts
in my inventory. Rather than just toss it in a dumpster, I wanted to see if any of you need these parts.

I will not part it out. You need to take the whole thing as package deal. It will be in Medium flat rate box so
should be there in about 3-4 days if you live in US. Looking to get $35. If no interest here, I'll try evilbay
before I toss it. Shipping for flat rate box is at $17, so I will not go any cheaper.

If you have any question, please PM me as I probably won't be checking the site everyday. And these are the
parts list.

Brand new Valve cover gasket set - It won't be in the original box. however, if you want the original box, I will include them but it will be folded to fit the flat rate box. It will be in the zip lock bag as you can see.
Brand new oil filters - I won't be needing them any more. Have two of them.
Brand new rear wheel bearing - I needed to replace this but didn't get to it in time. One of the many reason why we let our LS go. I took it out of the box and plastic bag only to take pictures.

Hi, please send me your email for a paypal payment of 51USD if you agree. Thanks Steve Owens. 832-692-1364

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