2002Lincoln ls front drivers side wiring harness repair/wire diagram needed

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    Dec 14, 2016
    Hi guy this is my first time here but I hope you can help me out. First off I have an 02 Lincoln ps v6 automatic. It was in a wreck during a hurricane and approximately 28wires were sliced in the front wiring harness along with the bumper windshield a fender and radiator yay me lol not..... but anyway I spliced 25/28 wires back together and now I'm left with 3 Brown with red stripe wires. I know one of them is for the/horn but I can't figure out what the other two are for. ALl I know is that these 3 wires run into I'm guessing a computer in the drivers side kick panel. Anyh help would be much appreciated. I know with a little help I can figure this out. Oh and also for some reason after the wreck it won't shift out of park while running. ...

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