For Sale 2002-2006 Lincoln LS Parts

Do you have the panel under the steering wheel?

This one?

Where is this vehicle located?

Herkimer NY. I ship anything out. Most bigger parts I have the buyer set up a pickup date with UPS or FedEx. I will remove any part needed. I always work with the buyer on a price especially if the shipping is costing them a lot.
how are the struts and upper-lower control arms? and even the ball joints and bearings?
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Still have LOTS of parts. Hoping to get rid of most before winter gets here.. Very reasonable prices!
Hmm, if anyone knows, please let me know, I want some REAL cupholders, and those look pretty sharp too...
I'm interested in the black trim around the windows. If it's still available, please let me know your best price shipped to area code 84120. Thanks!
Drivers Dash Vent? The one siting by itself closest to the door panel. My cover is broken.
Front and rear door sill plates? I'd be interested in all four if available.
Condition and price of what's left of the steering wheel. Looks like it's still there in the last pic. Is it possible to swap everything of mine into it considering it's missing the airbag and everything else? Mine is worn to hell from the previous owners white knuckling it everywhere.

It looks pretty good, Just the steering wheel itself is left. You should have no issues removing your Parts and using it in this wheel.

$35 With Shipping.



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