2000 LS Heads have some Black Sticky stuff HELP


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Dec 22, 2010
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My 2000 LS 3.0L is ever so famous for the V/C leaking so after the 4th time replacing the gaskets we went deeper into her to see if something would "jump" out.... Well not quite what I was looking for but after taking the fuel lines off and looking at the head there's some kind of black STICKY grime on her... WTF?? Carbon build up I understand, but I've never seen this sticky stuff before.. Its about 6cm thick in spots around where the injectors spray into the head. Anyone else seen this before?





Pretty normal on higher mileage motor. A combo of blowby and pcv function drawing oily air from the crankcase back into the intake. The more blowby you have, the worse it'll build up.

Fuel would wash it away.
UGH! Okay so next question since its there whats going to be the best way to clean it out? (And side note, could this cause the motor to ping because of how much there is?)
Once you get it all cleaned up/out, an aftermarket PVC oil catch can setup should prevent that from reoccurring.

Search "PVC oil catch can".

It is common issue on a lot of engines. Yes the added carbon build once it gets into the combustion chamber will add to the pinging issue.
Anything that will dissolve oil will work. Old gas or kerosene are probably the cheapest way to clean it. All the curves are going to be a PITA to access. Maybe a 5 gallon bucket if the upper will fit in it filled with juice. I like kerosene best, it lasts forever in a parts washer and does a good job without attacking the plastic.

Detonation is going to be from the compression raising or a hot spot in the chamber. As said above, Seafoam in your tank of fuel will help clean the chambers and intake valves. Once it's back together I'd suggest pulling the PCV out and seeing how much blow by the engine has at the oil fill.

When I first got my '93 Mustang the PO had only run 87 octane and toasted a couple ring lands (blower motor). I could fill up a 1qt bottle with oil from the blowby during a 60 mile commute to DC. Good times...

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